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Wodonga Jump Outs - 16 September 2020


Field: Vampish (B Brisbourne), Fair Tina (G Brunsdon), Squamosa x Our Polly (J Ledger), Master Of Design x Devil's Duchess (J Ledger), Rockaroundtheclock x Tully's Choice (W Church)

Field: Master Of Design x Bounty Girl (J Ledger), Adorn The Truth (R Waddell), Costaway (S Thompson), Rose Magic (S Thompson),

Field: Dangerous x Ano Nuevo (G Brunsden), Myboycharlie x Coupolette (J Ledger), Bring A Dame (D O'Prey), Jude's Power (S Thompson), Merri Meric (S Thompson)

Field: Al Maher x Tully Thunder (S Aldridge), Kuroshio x Villa Girl (J Ledger), Cliffs Of Bounty (J Ledger), Dirranbandi Downs (S Thompson), Sister Cranach (B Brisbourne),

Field: Artiste (C Davis), Doogan's Storm (S Aldridge), Dress Code (J Ledger), Mungindi (S Thompson), Murasap (P Maher)

Field: Bate Suffer (W Nichols), Minna's Girl (G Brunsden), Sally's Gift (P Maher), Symphony Rose (C Davis), Yes Sir (J Ledger)

Field: Ferago (J Fraser), It's War (J Ledger), Mythical Goddess (H Maclean), Picture Book (P Maher), Quiet Lucky (W Church), Villianaire (C Davis)

Field: Bad Obsession (P Maher), Ourzacracker (C Davis), Prince Of Helena (C Weeding), She's Our Reward (J Ledger), Willi Willi (S Thompson), Wind Force (B Brisbourne)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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