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Wangaratta Jump Outs - 7 January 2021


Field: Col's Hero (D Reid), Foxy Azz (G Egan), Promesa (D McCarthy), Triple Shot (V Nolan), Yeldarb (D McCarthy),

Field: Ashtrain (D McCarthy), Medusa's Son (M O'Connor), Nishani Spirit (A Fitzgerald), Petticoat Princess (P Smith),

Field: Alluvial (G Egan), Damn Wicked Left (P Smith), King Of All Kings (T Grace), On The Bell (A Fitzgerald),

Field: Arctic Star (P Smith), Broccobama (V Nolen), Electric Charlie (J Ledger), Kislina (A Corboy), Leemoon (G Egan)

Field: Affixa (P Smith), Miss Benefits (G Egan), Rokara (J Ledger), Seaflare (A Corboy), Turoar (S Nolen)

Field: Bluetooth (L Ledger), Cool Artie (A Fitzgerald), Imperial Star (P Smith), Lollipop Lad (T Meade), Miss Redcoat (G Brunsdon), Zoulon (D O'Prey)

Field: Increedible (V Nolen), Kokomo Bliss (D McCarthy), Road To Emmaus (A Corboy), Swift Dalliance (P Smith), Tiger (G Egan), Yank (J Ledger)

Field: Just Harry (V Nolen), Mama's Deel (G Egan), Mister Wood (J Edger), Pennydahero (B Brisbourne), Swift Hit (P Smith),

Field: Murtajill x Clever Scheme (J Ledger), God's Own x Royal Jama (V Nolen), Magnus x Bounty Girl (J Ledger), Benefique (C Davis), Magic Garden (D O'Prey), She's Original (P Smith),

Field: Eurozone x Prussian Spice (J Ledger), Delago Deluxe x She Makes My Day (C Davis), Redente x Total Fireban (W Church), Olympic Glory x Bullion Bay (V Nolen), Benfica Star (P Smith), Beverley Anne (B Maher),

Field: Skilled x Red Silk ? (D Reid), Alkmaar (J Ledger), Malabar Jack (A Dale), Mattash (D McCarthy), Night Rocket (V Nolen), Rose Of Redente (P Smith)

Field: Palentino x Vain Attraction (A Dale), Makfi x O'Raghailligh (J Ledger), Gocain Go (V Nolen), Mojo Music (A Dale)

Field: Makfi x Disclosure (J Ledger), Squamosa x Our Polly (J Ledger), Leading Wedge (A Dale), Miss Audacious (A Dale), Warnation (B Maher)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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