Terang Jump Outs - 23 February 2021


Field: Shades of Bella x Fighting Sun (D Williams), Banri Maeve x Manhattan Rain (M Williams), Tina's Debut x Reward for Effort (M Williams), Beforehand (K Vella), Divine Gypsy (G Thornton), Stronach (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Suniki (M Williams),

Field: Mamahuhu x Shalla (A Alexander), Charlety Star x Pride of Dubai (M Freedman), Arties Image (Q Scott), Pocket Rox (K Vella), Secret Note (G Thornton)

Field: Naivety x Poet's Voice (M Pegus), Calais Crossing (M Raymond), Literati (S Wilde), Norfolk Love (Q Scott), One Job (S Wilde), Silver Mayne (G Thornton), Sir Marengo (A Purcell), Waitingfortheday (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Zabelarina (A Alexander)

Field: Bondi Tiff (M Williams), Dissilia (S Wilde), Duchess Of Dorset (S Wilde), Millennium Jewel (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Rome (A Purcell), Winning Deal (M Pegus), Zupafy (K Vella)

Field: Admirals Ahoy (K Vella), Americain Heart (M Freedman), Fatale Bliss (M Price & M Kent Jnr), French Moon (S Wilde), Golden Halo (D Bowman), Happy Slappy (G Thornton), Rushin' Rhonda (S Wilde), Smokin' Soldier (J Edwards), The Delphi (A Purcell)

Field: Danny's Sparkle (M Freedman), Dodge City (A Purcell), Fabian's Spirit (D Daffy), Fake Or Fortune (J Smith), Hypersonic (T McEvoy), Jenni Bad Cat (J Scott), Pankhurst (M Williams), Silkihim (J Edwards), Sirileo Miss (S Wilde)

Field: Ammoudi Bay (S Wilde), Baby Boomer (L Smith), Broadwayandfourth (M Freedman), Dollar For Dollar (T McEvoy), Fiable (A Purcell), Gold Helmet (M Freedman), Havastar (S Wilde), The Krone (T McEvoy)

Field: Catalanic (A Purcell), Instigator (A Purcell), Just Hifalutin (S Wilde), Mystery Shot (L Smith), Pink And Black (J Edwards), Pretty Brazen (T McEvoy), Yulong Sovereign (T McEvoy), Zorro's Dream (M Freedman)

Field: Acerticus (T McEvoy), Aero Stars (S Ferchie), Amerock (M Freedman), Gallic Chieftain (A Alexander), Mannzaratti (J Edwards), Muskeln (J Smith), Sleepless (A Alexander), Top Arctic (M Young)

Field: Bold Manner (A Alexander), Devilears (J Edwards), Ho Ho Lord (M Freedman), Maxaway (A Alexander), Mayshestar (T McEvoy), My Gold Bracelet (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Pantera Nera (J Edwards), Refreshed (M Price), Toro Lad (D Loos), Whothrewthepaint (S Ferchie)

Field: All Ova Nova (J Smith), Italian Viking (T McEvoy), Chestorius (J Edwards), Lady Lucie (D Cannon), Lucamour (J Edwards), Mr Pierre (T Parker), Tomodachi (M Price)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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