Tatura Jump Outs - 22 June 2020

Program including Jockey's:

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Field: Fivefingerdiscount (Patrick Payne), Home By Midnight (Patrick Payne), Let Me Guess (Vern Proctor), Miss Prestigious (M Cornish & D Gaskin), Pembroke Castle (Stephen Brown), Who Doubted Me (Patrick Payne), Widgee Turf (Patrick Payne)

Field: Galenus (Patrick Payne), No Joy (Patrick Payne), Speedy Akeedy (Gwenda Johnstone), Star Of Man (M Cornish & D Gaskin), Stogursey Prince (Patrick Payne), Wine O'Clock (Patrick Payne)

Field: Hedley's Lady (Patrick Payne), Lady Marizza (Patrick Payne), Mount Kilcoy (Patrick Payne), Slipintothis (Patrick Payne), Toolbar (George Osborne), Yenhaab (Stephen Brown)

Field: Bronys Reward (M Cornish & D Gaskin), Charcoal Annie (Gwenda Johnstone), Evening Spice (Vern Proctor), Lasseter's Girl (Patrick Payne), Our Hot Date (Patrick Payne), Villa Villekulla (Patrick Payne), Vivilici (Patrick Payne)

Field: Judge Jeanine (Stephen Brown), Hot Sizzle (Patrick Payne), McCain (Patrick Payne), Smell The Cork (Patrick Payne), Upswing (Patrick Payne), Veggiemyte (George Osborne)

Field: Kaarchi (Patrick Payne), Generation Gap (Patrick Payne), Great Iam (George Osborne), King Of Design (M Cornish & D Gaskin), Snifter (Patrick Payne), Ubeda (Patrick Payne)

Field: Baywash (Patrick Payne), Glass Ceiling (Patrick Payne), Precious Love (George Osborne), Wild Spree (Patrick Payne), Zizzis (Patrick Payne)

Field: Magnus x Bon Vacance (Charles Cassar), Hostess Deb (Neil Dyer), Sideways (M Cornish & D Gaskin), Sprint Master (Bryan Maher), Storms Colours (Tony Chibnall), Sunday Diamond (Tony Carter-Smith)

Field: Benatari (Charles Cassar), Bright Morningstar (George Osborne), Bullet Fly (Patrick Payne), Cape York (Patrick Payne), Does It (Patrick Payne), Em Em D'Ar (Patrick Payne)

Field: Medieval Miss (Patrick Payne), Blue Fury (Patrick Payne), Competitor (Patrick Payne), Evening Chaos (Tony Carter-Smith), Sahar (Patrick Payne), Wicked Missile (Steven Noble)

Field: Kikumi (Craig Murfet), Montemurro (Neil Dyer), Mount Archer (Patrick Payne), Not By Nature (Patrick Payne), Our Long Sali (Patrick Payne), Wife Free Zone (Patrick Payne)

Field: Hey Happy (Patrick Payne), Just Jake (Hanna Powell), Little Faifo (Patrick Payne), Miss Dreamer (Steven Noble), Modear (Patrick Payne), The Great Hans (Patrick Payne)

Field: Riverlea Adventure (Neville Allport), Gaga's Belle (Patrick Payne), Howlowcanyougo (Patrick Payne), Lorraine (Patrick Payne), Xtra Reward (Chris Nash), You Got Lucky (Patrick Payne)

Field: D'Aguilar (Patrick Payne), Succeedandconquer (Steven Noble), Ambush Alley (Patrick Payne), Cashed Up (Patrick Payne), Devon Miss (Patrick Payne), Geneva Diva (Linc Sullivan), Kiss Me If You Can (Hanna Powell)

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