Tatura Jump Outs - 17 August 2020


See attached program for Jockeys:

Jump Outs Monday August 17 2020
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Field: Your Song x Weekend In Manila (G Osborne), Crackerjack King x Bumbles (G Osborne), Ameripark (P Donnelly), Love an Angel (T Waddell), Saltation (L Sulivan), Heather's Memory (C Cassar)

Field: Rubisaki (P Payne), Does It (P Payne), Kaarchi (P Payne), Warriors Reward x Yendall (G Osborne), Zuiichi (G Osborne), Rainbiel (A Chibnall)

Field: Cherry Tortoni (P Payne), Cashed Up (P Payne), Double You Tee (P Payne), Seized (D Schmidt), Furty free (M Fsadni), Diamond Inthe Buff (NZ) (R Matthews)

Field: Widgee Turf (P Payne), Glass Ceiling (P Payne), Reine Happy (G Osborne), Kazoom (G Osborne), Pot Black N Dyer), Pravro (G Johnstone)

Field: Generation Gap (P Payne), Modear (P Payne), Kogi Lass (P Payne), Nomorearchie (G Osborne), Racy Babe (L Sullivan)

Field: Main Deck (G Osborne), Kerioth (G Osborne), Classic Clancy (R Waddell), Red Jewels (G Johnstone), Rose of Bordeaux (B Challis), Devonian (T Williams)

Field: Villa Villekulla (P Payne), He No Opilio (P Payne), Legless Nick (G Osborne), El Mahdy (G Osborne), Tetrathlon (R Waddell), Cosmology (B Challis)

Field: Mr Cashman (P Payne), Mistake (G Osborne), Mamelon (G Osborne), Miss Dreamer (S Noble), Fergus Magergus (M Jones), Meddlar (P Payne)

Field: Darci's Tune (P Payne), Mountain ibis (P Payne), Medieval Miss (P Payne), Highly Intrusive (C Psaila), Was Written (G Johnstone), Jebel Hafeet (M Cornish)

Field: Howlowcanyougo (P Payne), Competitor (P Payne), Young Cliffy (G Osborne), Succeedandconquer (S Noble), Call Me Cain (S Naylor)

Field: The Great Hans (P Payne), Hey Happy (P Payne), Must Be Moet (G Osborne), Mary's Pride (G Osborne), Brighton Toff (A Newton), Seismic Wave (B Maher)

Field: Sneaky Swan (R Osborne), Miss Bellerente (G Osborne), In the Jungle (A Goble), Egyptian Wonder (S Brown),

Field: Upswing (P Payne), Portland Jimmy (P Payne), Youngstown (S Noble), Crisis Time (M Cornish), Just Abbey (S Naylor), Velvet Snow (B Maher)

Field: It's Trumps (G Osborne), Melisandre Rossa (G Osborne), Jandara (M Newton), Flying Finch (R Osborne), Hey There Presto (B Maher), Bailey Rose (J Thompson)

Field: The Dreamer (G Osborne), Southern Turf (G Osborne), Iamthekey (S Noble), Smokin Salmon (R Osborne), Chestnut Thunder (J Thompson)

Field: Swizzle Sticks (G Osborne), Red Impulse (R Osborne), Spinrich (B Maher), Entitled Princess (B Goodwin), Destiny Peaks (K Evans), Do It In Purple (C Nash)

Field: Underworld (C Nash), Stryker x Commentary (B Maher), Kia Hohe (B Goodwin), Destiny Superdome (K Evans)

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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