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Pakenham Jump Outs - 30 September 2020



Field: Palentino x Marie Soliel (D Grass), Kermadec x Sycophant (T Hughes), Outreach x Change Of Class (D Grass), Aquilion Lad (C Anderson), Devine Tilly (P Kramer)

Field: Cable Bay x Cadenzia (D Grass), Ready For Victory x Ausbred (S Stockdale), Dream Ahead x Amber Isle (D Grass), Draconian (D Grass), Sabre Athena (T Hughes), Written Miss (C Jennings),

Field: Bold Magic (C Littlefield), Denero (M Huglin), Gundown (C Littlefield), High Torque (D Grass), Music Bay (P Stokes), Sansom (P Stokes), Saving (T Hughes),

Field: All Too Huiying (P Stokes), Catbluroo (J Cockram), Miss Sharp (P Moody), Penthouse Poet (M McDougal), Singleton Park (P Stokes), Takestock (T Hughes), The Fed Express (C Littlefield),

Field: A Waler (J Bridgman), Bird Of Dubai (P Stokes), Field Of Roses (P Stokes), Mighty Feat (P Moody), Rye Dee Oh (M Shand), Shintou (C Littlefield), Spiritual Dream (P Stokes),

Field: Burton Street (A Garraway), Honour Pendragon (T Hughes), Silverback (R Cunningham), Strike The Night (P Stokes), Vibrant Glider (P Stokes), Vigilanski (S Lee)

Field: Master Of Design x Springalong (A Homann), Ain't She Cute (C Littlefield), Arabian Hussey (C Jennings), Fan Club (P Stokes), Kicking Along (L Jelliff), Princess Mariah (S Stockdale), Still Kicking (M Huglin),

Field: Gertanie (J Cockram), Hot Reward (M Huglin), Maazle (M Homann), Melisma (P Moody), Stewart Of Liberty (C Littlefield), The Moors (P Haythorpe),

Field: Bolshoi Boy (P Stokes), Done By Me (P Stokes), Jocks (K Wilson), Lord Mapperley (NZ) (G Andrews), Romaiya (G Cross), Sacred Lass (P Stokes), The Velvet King (P Moody), Viking Myth (G Mallinson)

Field: Redente x Choice Dawn (L Jelliff), Sebring x Totally Sure (F Stockdale), Lucas Cranach x Hearst (G Mallinson), All Joy (P Moody), Diamanda (M Croston), Merle The Pearl (C Littlefield), Princess Rhaenys (P Moody), Shadow Jennings (C Jennings), Tennessee Whiskey (R Cunningham)

Field: Creme De La Bomme (P Stokes), Leaf (C Diplock), Maui (P Stokes), Ritratto Di Donna (C Diplock), Stuchbree Stamp (P Moody), Way To Go Paula (P Stokes), Zou Zou For You (J Bridgman)

NOTE: Heats 1 to 2 and 9 to 11 conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic. Heats 3 to 8 were conducted on the Course Proper.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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