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Pakenham Jump Outs - 16 August 2022


*based on 112x Jump Outs at Pakenham (Synthetic)*


HEAT 1 - 1000m | 1:00.93s

1. Lincoln Square - G Eurell

2. Prowling - G Eurell

3. Diesel 'N' Dust - J Warren

Unplaced: Gotta Pulse (S Stockdale), One Man Band (D Blackshaw), Don Diego (G Eurell)

HEAT 2 - 750m | 1:00.10s

1. Diamatti - A Sheehan

2. Enuff Stop It - J Warren

3. Queen Latifa - G Eurell

Unplaced: King Couver (G Eurell), Ze Bee Nine (C Martindale), Such A Dude (G Eurell), Russian Rhapsody (R Clarke), Tuskegee Warhawk (A Leek)

HEAT 3 - 750m | 44.50s

1. Brereton - P Moody

2. Magic Drum - K Wilson

3. Yowie - J Sadler

Unplaced: Hillcrest Moses (M Laurie), Okay To Pay (P Stokes), Dromeas (M Laurie), Airclash (NZ) (M Laurie)

HEAT 4 - 750m | 44.60s

1. Dubai Nights - P Moody

2. Pentegra - S Nichols

3. The Marg Factor - P Gelagotis

Unplaced: Our Boy Bryan (M Laurie)

HEAT 5 - 750m | 45.40s

1. Desert Star - P Moody

2. Galeka - J Sadler

3. Thumani - G Eurell

Unplaced: Plus Fours (P Stokes), She's Approaching (C Templeton), Tiwi (C Scott), Pommeau (G Eurell), Brand New (NZ) (P Moody)

HEAT 6 - 750m | 44.75s

1. Lake Agawam - P Moody

2. Archaron - G Eurell

3. El Kabong - C Scott

Unplaced: Zayat King (NZ) (M Laurie), I Am Caviar (P Moody), General Barca (P Stokes), Wanda's Outlaw (C Littlefield), Clipper Ship (S Stockdale)

HEAT 7 - 750m | 45.05s

1. Zoughandi - P Moody

2. Count Of Toulouse - M Laurie

3. Tuppence Ha'penny - S Stockdale

Unplaced: Miss Passion (P Moody), Staunch (M Laurie), Pride Of Dubai x Temple Divine (J Warren), Mizen (C Scott), Fagin (P Stokes), The Interloper (C Littlefield)

HEAT 8 - 750m | 45.08s

1. Whey Mischief - J Waldron

2. Le Derriere - C Littlefield

3. Federation Rocks - M Laurie

Unplaced: Miss O'hara (C Martindale), Northern Sunrise (G Reilly), Split Shot (S Stockdale), Hamama Falls (NZ) (P Moody)

HEAT 9 - 750m | 45.25s

3. Long Macchiato - G Andrews

Unplaced: Neylon's Dream (E Tucker), Irish Crickets (M Laurie), Magnus x Bold Moment (A Sheehan), De Gaulle x Second Up (C Diplock)

HEAT 10 - 750m | 37.75s

3. Zoustar x Avenue - P Moody

Unplaced: Absolute Deel (G Andrews)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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