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Mornington Jump Outs - 30 September 2020



Field: Camerata (A.Freedman), Gusto Magic (J.Hunter), Harper Rose (C.J.Meagher), Hot Water (J.S.Warren), Make It Quick (D.R.Brideoake), Tennessee Rose (D.K.Binaisse), Vitesse Breeze (D.B.Feek), Martini Special (J.Hunter)

Field: Cavalier Charles (A.Yargi), Combat In Arms (K.Harris), Digger Joe (T.Noonan), Evie Girl (NZ) (M.Laurie), Helmet x Bearish (J.S.Warren), It's Never Enuff (L.J.McGill)

Field: Astern x Hard To Resist (S.Nichols), Astern x Quipster (S.Nichols), Astern x Skibo Castle (S.Nichols), Buffet Buster (S.Nichols), Ranveer (M.Laurie), Shooting To Win x Donna Dingles (S.Nichols)

Field: Delphi Magic (D.B.Feek), Divine Wit (D.B.Feek), Glass Harmonium x Reaching Out (P.W.Carey), Grinzinger Prince (J.Warren), Points All Round (M.Mehegan), Shimmering Ben (M.Mehegan), Showcasing x Tradewind (L.M.Enright)

Field: Haarping (L.Tolson), Jenniwandjin (M.Laurie), Released Raptor (M.Laurie), Testa Princess (A.Yargi)

Field: Cluster x Middlemiss Rose (D.B.Feek), Pins x Lady Shiva (M.Laurie)

Field: Merdeka (T.Noonan), Smart Missile x Acqua De Parma (M.Laurie), Grammy Diva (S.Nichols), Bon Hoffa x Roman Goddess (M.Laurie), Blazing Rebel (D.R.Brideoake)

Field: Shifty Shamus (M.Laurie), Rich Dane (J.Hunter), Fudging (J.Hunter), Cluster x Lady Green (M.Laurie)

NOTE: Heats 1 to 12 were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Soft(7). Heats 13 to 18 were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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