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Mornington Jump Outs - 20 January 2021



Field: Angelic Scent (M.Laurie), Artie Parelli (J.S.Warren), Bullet Train x Arabian (C.Beasy), Gentle Strokes (M.Laurie), Ianette (David Brideoake), Sunset Aperitivo (Shane Nichols), Think French (L.J.McGill)

Field: Adventure Trip (D.R.Brideoake), Fast As You Can (M.Laurie), Free Eagle x Almah (R.E.Kingston), Midwest (A.Freedman), Telstar (K.L.Southey), Tuscan Leather (M.Laurie)

Field: Criminal (A.Freedman), Miss Keeler (J.T.Conlan), Out To Win (M.Laurie), Rangitoto (L.J.McGill), Violet's Girl (D.R.Brideoake)

Field: All Sacred (J.R.McArdle), Delicious Tycoon (Matt Laurie), Grinzinger Queen (J.S.Warren), Improvident (M.Laurie), Mister Mojo (D.R.Brideoake), Pierro x Metza (A.Freedman), Serenado (M.Laurie), Side Bet (M.Laurie)

Field: Baronessa (M.Laurie), Brinell (M.Laurie), Buffet Buster (S.Nichols), Flying Artie x Secret Cause (M.Laurie), Holller x Nixon (M.Laurie), Prince Of Porty (D.R.Brideoake), Rarzino (J.S.Warren), Tycoon Humma (J.R.McArdle)

Field: Jenniwandjin (M.Laurie), Jet De Lune (M.Laurie), La Rocque (J.R.McArdle), Perfection Man (M.Laurie), Polyphonic (A.Freedman), The Seamstress (M.Laurie), Tiara Jewel (Tony Noonan), Xtravagant x Spangled Impact (M.Laurie)

Field: Ang Pow (Matt Laurie), Cluster x Maraudamiss (K.L.Southey), Dream Ahead x Barjas (R.Waymouth), Fighting Sun x White Gold (Tony Noonan), Flash Target (M.Laurie), Mornington Glory (M.Laurie), Stern Impulse (S.Nichols), Taspinaro (J.R.McArdle)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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