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Mornington Jump Outs - 2 September 2020



Field: Don't Doubt Hinchi (J.McArdle), Gold Gown (K.L.Southey), Harper Rose (C.J.Meagher), Lisieux (P.W.Carey), Miss Prospector (J.S.Warren), Timely Manner (J.McArdle), Tuscan Leather (M.Laurie), Twist Of Fury (D.R.Brideoake)

Field: Brazen Beau x Andrioli (M.Laurie), Chain Of Command (J.McArdle), Cleo Bay (P.L.M.Caboche), Gusto Magic (J.Hunter), Headwater x Kinsella (J.S.Warren), Rusty Luck (D.R.Brideoake), Tragic (A.Freedman), Vidoma (C.Beasy)

Field: Classy Banner (L.J.McGill), Delayed Launch (NZ) (J.McArdle), Designs (A.Freedman), Gaudi Girl (S.Nichols), Little Miss Dotty (J.S.Warren), Made By Khan (NZ) (M.Laurie), Veloraad (D.R.Brideoake), Vikander (R.B.Grantley)

Field: Hell Of A Boy (J.Hunter), Kookaburra (S.Nichols), Lankan Gold (A.Freedman), Out To Win (M.Laurie), Rue Maude (J.McArdle), Simasia (C.Beasy), Sizzling x Touch Too Much (J.S.Warren), Telstar (K.L.Southey)

Field: Bullet Train x Aradina (C.Beasy), Burgundy Rules (L.J.McGill), Fortune Beau (S.Nichols), Inquisitive (A.Freedman), Irish Impact (T.Noonan), Pretty Rossa (M.Laurie), Tabby Star (D.K.Binaisse), Wild Cherry Road (J.S.Warren)

Field: Elite Legacy (T.Noonan), Lionsgate (L.Tolson), Magna Amour (R.Waymouth), Milord (J.S.Warren), Monsieur Macron (NZ) (K.Harris), Monsters Inc (K.Harris), Olympic Glory x French Alliance (M.Laurie), Teng Hui Feng Li (M.Laurie)

Field: Combat In Arms (K.Harris), Fiorente x Mollys Folly (D.K.Binaisse), Mimosas (C.Douglas), Potato Pete (R.E.Kingston), Temple Mistress (K.Harris)

NOTE: Heats 1 to 13 were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good(4). Heats 14 to 15 were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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