Kyneton Jump Outs - 19 April 2021



Field: Foxship (George Osborne), My Prediction (Barry Goodwin), Nina Carmella (Tony Romeo), Serenaur (Brent Stanley), Snappy Magnus (Danielle Chapman), Ventoso (Mick Sell)

Field: Coyote Park (Barry Goodwin), El Salto (Brent Stanley), Forever Owing (Tony Romeo), Mamelon (George Osborne), Mystery Diamond (Marita Lawson), Scrambler (Mick Sell)

Field: Nicconi x Callista (Brent Stanley), Boho Miss (Mick Sell), Enveeo (Marita Lawson), Heather's Memory (Charles Cassar), King Tereus (George Osborne), Reshuffle (Barry Goodwin)

Field: Needs Further x unknown dam (Charles Cassar), All Lokt'n'loaded (Mick Sell), Clingstone Peach (Edmund Bourke), Kyteler (George Osborne), Zoumaze (Barry Goodwin)

Field: Cherry Tortoni (Patrick Payne), Code Blue (Patrick Payne), Gibbon (Barry Goodwin), Line Of Descent (Brent Stanley), Polite Applause (Patrick Payne), Swear By Her (Patrick Payne), Ville Chanson (Marita Lawson)

Field: Hinchinbrook x Etain (Patrick Payne), All Of Brighton (Patrick Payne), Prince Of Tokyo (Patrick Payne), Steel The Moment (Shay Keating), Thumper (George Osborne)

Field: Delightful Savings (George Osborne), Kyla (George Osborne), Laslett (Neil Dyer), Nice To Know (Shay Keating), Yankee Spirit (Charles Cassar), Super Aurora (Brent Stanley)

Field: Chadstone (Patrick Payne), Chatelaine (Patrick Payne), Helvetian (Charles Cassar), Uptown Lilly (George Osborne), I'm A Brut (Patrick Payne), Who Doubted Me (Patrick Payne)

Field: Dundeel x This Is Your Life (Patrick Payne), Gaga's Belle (Patrick Payne), Moats Corner (Neil Dyer), Zuiichi (George Osborne), Quick Floss (Patrick Payne)

Field: Aimee's Jewel (Charles Cassar), Latest Bentley (Neil Dyer), Melisandre Rossa (George Osborne), Southern Turf (George Osborne), Monetizing (Brent Stanley)

Field: Hutchinson (Charles Cassar), Main Deck (George Osborne), Whiskey Creed (Ted Grogan), Montemurro (Neil Dyer)

Field: Ausbred L'or (Patrick Payne), Duke Of Plumpton (Patrick Payne), Portland Jimmy (Patrick Payne), Succeedandconquer (Steven Noble), Upswing (Patrick Payne), Cecconi x Veeandvee (Ted Grogan)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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