Horsham Jump Outs - 26 November 2020


Field: PICNIC MIC (S Gebert), MARCEL FROM MADRID (T Bull / P Preusker), PERPETUAL MOTION (E Hamblin / J Rowe), SHOCKING x PIRINETE (H McKechnie / P Preusker), Miss Fangio (R Houston / P Preusker)

Field: DUBAI DOMINION (A. Bobbin / T. Bull), LUCAS CRANACH xMISS ZENARA (P. Preusker / H. McKechnie, BAD ANGEL (D. Whitworth / C. Puls), SHE'LL STRYKEYA (J. Rowe / E. Hamblin), LONGTIMEDREAMING (P. Preusker / S. Inglese)

Field: Wolf Whistle (P Preusker), THUNDER PARK (P. Preusker / T. Bull), HANDSHAKE (P. Preusker / H. McKechnie), MELBOURNE HERO (J. Rowe / E. Hamblin), BRAWL (P. Preusker / S. Inglese),

Field: LOWANNA MAGIC (P. Preusker / T. Bull), THE GREAT ARTISTE (H. McKechnie / H. McKechnie), BEKSTAR (P. Preusker / R. Houston), HALGARD (P. Preusker / S. Inglese), VONITSU (J. Rowe / E. Hamblin)

Field: CHAT UP (H. McKechnie / S. Inglese), LARANJO (P. Preusker / H. McKechnie), PERFICERE (P. Preusker / T. Bull)

Field: Mr Mischief (P Jones), INDIAN THUNDER (P. Preusker / H. McKechnie), YULONG CROWN (P. Preusker / S. Inglese), TROLLEYED (A. Bobbin / R. Houston)

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