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Geelong Jump Outs - 2 September 2020


Field: Anolass (D Loos), Honey Magic (J Edwards), Mean Mr Mustard (K Bourke), Mr Dapper Pants (M Young), The Alienator (C Calthorpe)

Field: Awesome Storm (C Calthorpe), Black Prince Ruby (K Vella), Fill The Flute (J Edwards), Geyser (K Bourke), Three Wives (N Roe)

Field: Heavenly Bridges (H Dwyer), Krishna Cove (C Calthorpe), Mannzaratti (J Edwards), Mister Curly (K Bourke), Scoozie Please (D Loos), Yoshi Mokuyo (K Vella)

Field: Nostradamus x Apres Cougar (N Roe), Chelsea Toff (B O'Farrell), La Kapitine (A Alder), Miletus (J Edwards), Red Rossini (K Vella)

Field: Toorak Toff x Shattered Dreams (B O'Farrell), Warriors Reward x Nuclear Free (N Roe), All Fairy Prince (NZ) (K Bourke), Don't Be Mean (M Denham), Mafiore (K Durden), Sunny Sally (D O'Brien)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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