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Flemington (Werribee) Jump Outs - 10 June 2022


*based on 116x Jump Outs at Flemington (Werribee)*


Field: Realm Of Flowers (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Stay In Your Lane (Ben & JD Hayes), Fiery Red (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Rainbow Thief (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Nordic (NZ) (Michael Moroney)

Field: Wake Me Up Winston (Denis Pagan), Back Me Up Benny (Denis Pagan), Futile Resistance (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Tallawah (NZ) (Ben & JD Hayes), Ransakka (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Southern Hills (Michael Moroney), King Halston (Michael Moroney)

Field: Swerving (Leon & Troy Corstens), Huntly Castle (Ben & JD Hayes), Jillette (Michael & Luke Cerchi), Gormley (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Office Jim (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Winners Bet (Caroline Jennings)

Field: Hot Rocket (Ben & JD Hayes), No Diggity (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Beatification (Simon Zahra), Seven Sisters (James Cummings), Zou Sensation (Leon & Troy Corstens), Without Envy (Danny O'Brien), Rocked (Matthew Ellerton), Russian Front (Mark & Levi Kavanagh)

Field: Hardcover Edition (Simon Zahra), No Baby No (Leon & Troy Corstens), Plagiarized (Chris Waller), The Superintendent (NZ) (Ben & JD Hayes), Gwithian Bay (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Queen Of Sass (Matthew Ellerton), Sugar Pop (Caroline Jennings), Minouche (James Cummings)

Field: Excel And Fly (Ben & JD Hayes), Satin Love (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Devgru (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Zoom Torino (Simon Zahra), Poiema (Michael Moroney), King's Chamber (Danny O'Brien), Whispering Lady (Mark & Levi Kavanagh), Bitoftheblarney (NZ) (Chris Waller), Castillian (NZ) (Leon & Troy Corstens)

Field: Allegorical (Leon & Troy Corstens), Jupitus (Chris Waller), Loveplanet (NZ) (Chris Waller), Galleon (NZ) (Ben & JD Hayes), Tequila Spirit (Michael Moroney), King Tommy (Matthew Ellerton), Loudun (Anthony & Sam Freedman)

Field: Street Painter (Ben & JD Hayes), Smile And Wave (Anthony & Sam Freedman), River Ribble (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Distorted Mission (Simon Zahra), Glowsticks (James Cummings), Makrana (Mark & Levi Kavanagh)

Field: Magic Promise (Simon Zahra), Wegobam (Leon & Troy Corstens), Il Affare (NZ) (Chris Waller), Systemic (Ben & JD Hayes), Alpine Ace (Ben & JD Hayes), Covert (Anthony & Sam Freedman)

Field: Vancouver x Gabbidon (Ben & JD Hayes), Field Of Praise (Ben & JD Hayes), Lovetta (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Punch Lane (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Social Revolution (Simon Zahra), Fleurette (Simon Zahra), Hyacinth (James Cummings), Crimmo (Michael Moroney)

Field: Read (NZ) (Chris Waller), Berenib (Ben & JD Hayes), Chalonne Princess (Ben & JD Hayes), Maravich (IRE) (Anthony & Sam Freedman)

Field: Hoofs Don't Lie (Ben & JD Hayes), So You Think (NZ) x Fartoo Flashy (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Bel Air (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Hellbent x She Has Arrived (Simon Zahra), Planned (James Cummings), Ivan's Hero (Chris Waller)

Field: Sandy's Pride (Ben & JD Hayes), October Revolution (Ben & JD Hayes), Levalet (Anthony & Sam Freedman), So You Think (NZ) x The Girlfriend (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Zacinto (GB) x Pearly Whites (Simon Zahra)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Werribee Track, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

22-06-10 Flemington (Final)
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