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Flemington Jump Outs - 15 July 2022


*based on 700x Jump Outs at Flemington (Inside Grass)*

*based on 203x Jump Outs at Flemington (Poly Track)*


Field: Written Miss (Caroline Jennings), Fire (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Milford Sound (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Amica (Ben & JD Hayes), Invincible Jet (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott)

Field: Sandy Prince (Ben & JD Hayes), Screaming Diva (Simon Zahra), Jagar (Matthew Ellerton), Jillette (Michael & Luke Cerchi), Savonia (Leon & Troy Corstens)

Field: Chester Warrior (Ben & JD Hayes), Mister Tom (Claire Patterson), Rocheaux (Saab Hasan), Redneck Rum (Nick Ryan), Keysborough (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Northumbria (James Cummings)

Field: Sound (GER) (Michael Moroney), Lady Of Honour (Ben & JD Hayes), Painful (NZ) (Saab Hasan), Cerridwyn (Matthew Ellerton), Dawndiva (GB) (Leon & Troy Corstens), Chopin (James Cummings)

Field: Always Hunting (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Zoufire (Danny O'Brien), Enotis (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Cigar Bar (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Brazen Lady (Matthew Ellerton), Shihab (Chris Waller)

Field: Montefino Miss (Michael Moroney), Highland Angel (Danny O'Brien), Draft Day (NZ) (Leon & Troy Corstens), Divine Caprice (Ben & JD Hayes), Joseylin (Ben & JD Hayes), Merlinian (Caroline Jennings)

Field: Cannonball (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Tones (James Cummings), Still Snowing (Simon Zahra), Demon Award (Leon & Troy Corstens), Magnace (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Fiorente (IRE) x Melting Moments (Scott Cameron)

Field: Extreme Step (Ben & JD Hayes), Fast Star (Leon & Troy Corstens), The Kid (Leon & Troy Corstens), All Too Hard x Sherbet Bomb (Michael Moroney), Ecrevisse (James Cummings), American Pharoah (USA) x Burndiniburn (Saab Hasan)

Field: Worcester (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Full Blown (Michael Moroney), Warby Ranges (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Capirona (Simon Zahra), Gemstar (Danny O'Brien), Thida (Danny O'Brien)

Field: Johnny Watts On (Nick Ryan), Al Aabir (IRE) (Chris Waller), Lucky Lad (Caroline Jennings), Boogie Street (Ben & JD Hayes), Laelaps (Danny O'Brien), Look Sharpish (NZ) (Leon & Troy Corstens)

Field: St Malo (Danny O'Brien), Rolling In It (Matthew Ellerton), Over 'N' Out (Ben & JD Hayes), Alice Through (James Cummings), Empress Of Sydney (Ben & JD Hayes), Johnny Ravioli (Leon & Troy Corstens)

Field: Who Shot Suzy (Simon Zahra), Glamour And Glory (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Sconaero (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Superada (Nick Ryan), Good Life Diva (Leon & Troy Corstens), Bold Intentions (Leon & Troy Corstens)

Field: Gift Of Oratory (Ben & JD Hayes), Dubai Oak (Ben & JD Hayes), Dartboard (James Cummings), Vancouver x Savababe (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Chiaro Di Luna (Matthew Ellerton)

Field: Sessions Road (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Detoron (Nick Ryan), Captain Rogers (Leon & Troy Corstens), Private Island (Ben & JD Hayes), Written Tycoon x Zibello (NZ) (Michael Moroney)

NOTE: Heats 1 to 8 were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated a Soft(7). Heats 9 to 14 were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated a Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

22-07-15 Flemington (Final)
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