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Flemington Jump Outs - 10 September 2021



Field: Huntly Castle (B & JD Hayes), Bellinger (B & JD Hayes), Helmiton (M Ellerton & S Zahra), Grinzinger Rocket (D O'Brien), Repeal (P & P Snowden)

Field: Space Force (B & JD Hayes), Fabrikka (B & JD Hayes), Alcudia (B & JD Hayes), Order Of Glory (D O'Brien), Woburn Abbey (D O'Brien)

Field: Schuhbeck (B & JD Hayes), Snowfire (M, W & J Hawkes), Preserving (B & JD Hayes), Thank You India (D O'Brien), Liming (M Ellerton & S Zahra), Octagon (P & P Snowden)

Field: So Si Bon (B & JD Hayes), I Am Geronimo (C Waller), Probabeel (NZ) (J Richards), Age Of Chivalry (NZ) (M Ellerton & S Zahra), Starelle (D O'Brien), Swats That (L & T Corstens)

Field: Azaly (B & JD Hayes), Kahma Lass (NZ) (J Richards), Groundswell (A & S Freedman), Keats (IRE) (M Moroney), Paradee (D O'Brien)

Field: I Am Enchanting (D O'Brien), Tokorangi (NZ) (M Moroney), More Secrets (M, W & J Hawkes), Sliders (J Cummings), Plucky Pirouette (C Jennings), Mimi's Award (B & JD Hayes)

Field: Cassius (B & JD Hayes), Beau Rock (M Ellerton & S Zahra), Defiant Diva (L & T Corstens), Celestial Sol (C Waller), Stalking (J Cummings), Stormlight (C Jennings)

Field: Eaglesaurus (M Ellerton & S Zahra), Americain Angel (D O'Brien), Lady In The Sky (NZ) (M Moroney), Aranath (C Jennings), Despereaux (N Ryan), Finanza D'oro (S Richards)

Field: Ocean Dancer (NZ) (B & JD Hayes), Horse In Rock (L & T Corstens), Leiter (M Moroney), Agrimony (GB) (C Waller), Andalusia (J Cummings), Rubirock (M & L Kavanagh)

Field: Deep Field x Carribean Sunset (IRE) (S Richards), Enuff He Said (M Ellerton & S Zahra), I Am In The Mood (D O'Brien), The Good Fight (NZ) (M Moroney), Villaden (NZ) (C Waller), La Perushka (G Waterhouse & A Bott)

Field: Vancouver Miss (B & JD Hayes), Canadian Gold (L & T Corstens), Suppression (NZ) (C Waller), Dashing Pierro (M & L Kavanagh), Lightfast (M Moroney), Rapid Ruby (N Ryan)

Field: Watergate (B & JD Hayes), Maria Luisa (D O'Brien), Gerald (L & T Corstens), My Diamonds Galore (NZ) (M Moroney), Red Raja (C Waller)

Field: American Flyer (L & T Corstens), Cirrina (M Moroney), Persian Pride (NZ) (C Waller), Krakouer (N Ryan)

Flemington Jump Outs, Friday 10 September - Final
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NOTE: Heats 1 to 3 were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic. Heats 4 to 13 were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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