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Cranbourne Jump Outs - 12 April 2021



Field: Alpine Eagle x Must Be Mink (R Griffiths), Impolite (T Busuttin & N Young), Oakleigh (R Besanko), Royal Raff (G Dalziel), Shootthelightsout (G Eurell), Sun Lily (M Kent), Vultan (K Keys)

Field: Ajaya x Tickets On Herself (L Oliver), Express Master (T Nikolic), Fluffy Bunny Feet (M Brown), Miss Bossy (S Bottomley), Morecoruba (J Welsh), Nana Jenn (T Busuttin & N Young), Skipping Girl (M Kent), Vinlago (R Griffiths), Wolf Prince (D Williams)

Field: Toronado x Domesday Scenario (R Maund), Palentino x Had Every Chance (K Keys), Cable Bay x Ondina (J Williams), Benczkowski (T Busuttin & N Young), Deeldunjen (L Oliver), Jimmy Don't Cry (G Eurell), Prix De Turn (M Brown), Rumbled Again (M Trotter), Soobooma (R Besanko)

Field: Reward for Effort x Jillimarg (J Williams), Scissor Kick x Fernande (A Laing), Reliable Man x Our Josephina (T Busuttin), Deep Impact x Sacred Sight (T Busuttin), Redente x Let's Facet (A Laing), Warhorse x Shawcross (Y Harvey), Myers Creed (K Corstens)

Field: Condo's Express (R Laming), Halvorsen (R Griffiths), I've Got Magic (S McCusker), Jungle Edge (M Bell), No Shame (R Laming), Sir Kalahad (G Bedggood), Zimowy (K Keys)

Field: Chavanne (G Dalziel), Dressed In Rouge (L Oliver), Hengroen (J Welsh), Seeyalaterron (S Eden), Shoot Ur Shot (K Corstens), Starmania (R Griffiths), Trusting You (R Maund)

Field: Encumbrance (A Sheehan), Froggy (L Oliver), Izzy Good (M Bell), Lady D'oro (R Griffiths), Leale (M Kent), Saveyourenthusiasm (R Griffiths), The Crusha (M Webb)

Field: Baglioni (G Eurell), Belle's Asset (D Wynne), Bequester (A Laing), Gen Wine (T Busuttin), Into Glory Ride (P Keane), Miss Kansas (R Griffiths), Sir Warwick (G Dalziel), Something Foxy (C Maher)

Field: A Lone Hero (L Oliver), Bostonic (S Eden), D'Oro Rain (W Kelly), Galgani (N Burke), Influential Girl (R Griffiths), Ocean Reward (M Webb), Scodney Malu (M Brown)

Field: Acropolis Hill (T Taggart), Cakewalk Baby (W Kelly), Diamond Snatch (L Doyle), Huguenot (G Eurell), Miss Curata (D Wynne), Showusyamoves (J Rattle), Tadashi Hamada (S Eden), Warsash (A Laing)

Field: Desert Realm (T Busuttin), Dratini (C Alderson), Fort Charles (A Rae), Just Wishing (B Laming), Royal Crown (M Kent), Spryzen (N Dunn), Troy's Thunder (P Foster), Whistle Hoff (J Leek Jnr)

Field: Able Warrior (J Keane), Answer Me Hussy (G Hayes), Dancing Redente (J Leek Jnr), Lord Wonder (E Jusufovic), Ocean Heart (C Maher), Onset (E Musgrove), Preliminaires (L Jones), Rich Deal (C Heffernan)

Field: Altinks (K Keys), Amagnum (M Brown), Huskisson (R Laming), Needa Bigger Boat (J Gilligan), Oh So Far (M Kent)

Field: Pluck x Hanover Fist (K Keys), Rich Enuff x Carousel Queen (K Keys), Next Step Berrima (S Eden), Reparter (F Finnegan), Sagadure (C Maher & D Eustace)

Field: Annenkov x Cafe Del Mar (R Laming), Be Alert (C Alderson), Be Curious (C Alderson), Milestone (T Busuttin), Pagador (R Laming), Patriot Missile (E Musgrove), Pissaro (M Kent), Sarodec (R Laming), Understated (P Foster), WristBand (E Musgrove)

Field: Anything But (E Musgrove), Echo Luna (E Musgrove), Foot Foot (P Keane), Gems Precious Gift (S Eden), Jamieson (G Bedggood), Non Presse (K & G Mayberry), Zachaz (C Maher)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the TRACK, with the track rated Heavy.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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