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Wodonga Jump Outs - 4 August 2020


HEAT 1 *vision unavailable*

Field: Americconi (David O'Prey), All Too Hard x Solar Strike (John Ledger), Beer On Ice (Peter Maher), Ofenbach (Daniel McCarthy), Quiet Sunday (John Ledger)

Field: Ali's Choice (Andrew Dale), Bel Fiore (Peter Maher), Blazing Fire (John Ledger), Lunar Hero (Daniel McCarthy), Magic Garden (David O'Prey)

Field: Book Of Marvels (John Ledger), Mescaminto (Andrew Dale), Stryker x Commentary (Bryan Maher), Sunday Habit (Peter Maher), Night Rocket (Vincent Nolan)

HEAT 4 *vision unavailable*

Field: Ameripark (Peter Donnelly), Jude's Power (Sylvia Thompson), Kia Hohe (Barry Goodwin), Lady Kermadec (David O'Prey), Ultimate Edition (John Ledger)

HEAT 5 *vision unavailable*

Field: Flying Finch (Russell Osborne), Pink Flames (Peter Maher), Regal Rave (Barry Goodwin), Seismic Wave (Bryan Maher), Zoulon (David O'Prey)

Field: Command Control (Vincent Nolan), Lovethewayyoulie (Stephen Brown), Smart Offer (John Ledger), Velvet Snow (Bryan Maher), Zooming Zebra (Russell Osborne)

Field: Classy Speed (Vincent Nolan), Galaxy Dancer (Daniel McCarthy), Sally's Gift (Peter Maher), Tough Task (John Ledger)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass with the rail out 3m and the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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