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Wodonga Jump Outs - 29 March 2021


Field: Fitzgibbon (A Corboy), Mubtada (B Hayes), Rose Of Tahlia (A Dale), Super Thief (T Dabenig),

Field: The Factor x Dogma (V Nolen), Eamonn's Memory (A Dale), Madness (A Corboy), Mobarhin (T Dabernig)

Field: The Wow Signal x Tuition (V Nolen), Turffontein x Lady Game (B Maher), Jimmy Creed x Tannaset (C Davis), Denarena (C Weeding),

Field: Jimmy Creed x Zupaflirt (C Davis), Eurozone x What A Tangle (V Nolen), Red Cascade (C Weeding), Written In Style (B Maher)

Field: Jungle Ruler x Dubian Gold (C Davis), Bon Hoffa x Strimeni (D McCarthy), Nowie North (V Nolen), The Daylight (P Maher),

Field: Delago Deluxe x She Makes My Day (C Davis), Qeyaady (T Dabernig), Sister's Mister (D McCarthy), Warnation (B Maher),

Field: Savabeel x Kansas (T Dabernig), Caddy (T Dabernig), Creedmoor (C Weeding), King Of Siena (B Maher),

Field: Chocolate Martini (D Scott), Let's Prosper (P Burgun), Lord Domino (P Burgan),

Field: Fly By Khan (D Scott), In The Fall (V Nolen), Procedo (G Egan), Wonderful Phrase (D Scott)

Field: Ali's Choice (A Dale), O'reg (A Fitzgerald), Tramontana (B Hayes),

Field: Autumn House (D Scott), Cubed (P Burgun), Mr Morley (G Egan),

Field: Big Tripper (P Burgun), Doogan's Storm (S Aldridge), Ofenbach (D McCarthy), Phakisa (G Egan)

Field: Barramundi Girl (P Maher), Headgear (G Egan), Lupino Lass (T Dabernig),

Field: Art Academy (S Cunningham), Bellx (T Dabernig), Boom Spirit (B Hayes), Galaxy Force (D Scott)

Field: Ashtrain (D McCarthy), Barramundi Lad (P Maher), Duke Of Castille (S Cunningham), Sebago (C Weeding)

Field: Ashlor (D McCarthy), Finance Tycoon (B Hayes), Sharlie (D Scott), The Weald (S Cunningham)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass, with the track rated soft 5.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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