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Wodonga Jump Outs - 25 May 2021


Field: Controversial Miss (Craig Weeding), Cornelia Street (Ben Hayes), Tee Cee Tracey (Louisa Dove), Shalaa x Nandi (Vincent Nolen)

Field: Bel Fiore (Peter Maher), Fastnet Promise (Chris Davis), Single Swag (Stephen Aldridge), So Risque (Ben Hayes)

Field: Make You Famous (Jodie Bohr), Missile Belle (Ben Hayes), Moneymademefamous (Gordon Yorke), Setlin Alice (Sylvia Thompson), Deep Field x Star Of Helicon (Vincent Nolen)

Field: Flying Cyril (Peter Maher), In The Fall (Vincent Nolen), Pioneer River (Ben Hayes), Tax Invoice (Gordon Yorke)

Field: Footmark (Jodie Bohr), Ruban Bleu (Ben Hayes), Spanish Poet (Peter Maher), Pistol (Chris Davis)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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