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Warrnambool Jump Outs - 27 May 2020


Field: Bazini (Symon Wilde), Grand York (Symon Wilde), Written In History (Ron Daniel)

Field: Canford Cliffs x Crevasse (Symon Wilde), Crocodile Dundeel (Lindsey Smith), Maincourt (Symon Wilde)

Field: Flintoffking (Lindsey Smith), Keepers Dream (Lindsey Smith), Mr Cancun (Lindsey Smith)

Field: Unencumbered x Gem of Glen Argyle (Lindsey Smith), Barefootonthegrass (Lindsey Smith), Corner Pocket (Lindsey Smith), Panama Papers (Lindsey Smith)

Field: London Marathon (Lindsey Smith), Tydeus (Lindsey Smith), Americain x Galleta (Lindsey Smith), All Too Hard x Nadawaat (Lindsey Smith)

Field: Feuermond (Lindsey Smith), Rudhyar (Lindsey Smith), Ocean Park x Whatevs (Lindsey Smith), Epaulette x Perfect Finish (Lindsey Smith)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the synthetic track.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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