Wangaratta Jump Outs - 8 September 2020


Field: Spanish Steps (Dan McCarthy), Richwaite Lady (Gerald Egan), Orazio (Ben Brisbourne), Sasayuri (Steve Cunningham)

Field: Last Hope (Gerald Egan), City Rogue (Allan Fitzgerald), Ourzacracker (Chris Davis), Duke of Castille (Steve Cunningham)

Field: So I Am (Allan Fitzgerald), Valoyd (Gerald Egan), Unharmed (Craig Weeding), It's War (John & Chris Ledger), Villianaire (Chris Davis)

Field: Frank the Yank (John & Chris Ledger), Northernero (Dan McCarthy), Hellova Night (Adrian Corboy), Valoyd Rose (Gerald Egan), Abyssinia (Andrew Dale), Adorn The Truth (Ron Waddell)

Field: Bomberz Toyz (John & Chris Ledger), Alohomora (Ron Waddell), O'reg (Allan Fitzgerald), Symphony Rose (Chris Davis), Foolish Boy (Adrian Corboy), Art Academy (Steve Cunningham)

Field: Yes Sir (John & Chris Ledger), Tiger (Gerald Egan), Ghosted (Ben Brisbourne), Especial Courage (Libby Haworth), Magnus x Bounty Girl (John & Chris Ledger)

Field: Cliffs Of Bounty (John & Chris Ledger), Miss Madec (Ben Brisbourne), The King's Cross x Abbe Cat (Steve Cunningham), Artiste (Chris Davis), Okra (Allan Fitzgerald)

Field: Dress Code (John & Chris Ledger), Super One x Arctic Light (Dan McCarthy), Sister Cranach (Ben Brisbourne), Kuroshio x Villa Girl (John & Chris Ledger)

Field: Squamosa x Our Polly (John & Chris Ledger), Master of Design x Bounty Girl (John & Chris Ledger), Vampish (Ben Brisbourne), The King's Cross x Shamrock Jazz (Steve Cunningham),

Field: Myboycharlie x Coupolette (John & Chris Ledger), Master of Design x Devil's Duchess (John & Chris Ledger), Confident Typhoon (Ben Brisbourne), The King's Cross x Jenzan (Steve Cunningham), Redente x Springfield Lass (Chris Davis)

Wangaratta - 8 September 2020
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NOTE: There are no results available due to no silk colours being available (as per program provided).



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