Wangaratta Jump Outs - 7 October 2020


Field: Destiny Force (W Nichols), Kislina (A Corboy), Suburbia (A Dale), Tycoon Tony (S Mclntosh),

Field: Euphemia (G Egan), Pay The Deeler (A Dale), She's Our Reward (J Ledger), Sinamay (S McIntosh),

Field: Chosen Rose (W Nichols), Immaculacy (A Corboy), Lollipop Lad (R Osborne), Redollix (G Egan)

Field: The Factor x Jennifer Ann (J Ledger), Anacheever x Dreamwinner (A Corboy), Miss Sententia (C Davis), Tetrathlon (R Waddell)

Field: Anacheever x Guniinii (A Corboy), Cuffe's Grange (G Egan), Real Gun (S McIntosh), Woody Wildcat (R Osborne)

Field: Helmet x Mystic Angel (A Corboy), Kuroshio x Villa Girl (J Ledger), Leemoon (G Egan), Wildfire Rose (W Nichols)

Field: Bate Suffer (W Nichols), Black Beetle (R Osborne), Fairhaven (G Egan), Trish's Diamonds (C Davis)

Field: King of Prussia x Jewel's Ace (A Corboy), Redente x Costa Marbella (K Aldous), Estralita (G Egan), Sligo Queen (A Corboy)

Field: Abyssinia (A Dale), Blazin' Easy (D Stumpo), Cheeky Chipmunk (R Osborne), Rhino Rocket (C Weeding)

Field: Smart Missile x Emblem Of Hope (J Ledger), Palentino x Mystic Angel (A Corboy), Fitzgibbon (A Corboy)

Field: Redente x Big Nell (R Osborne), Oamaru Force x Live Long (J Ledger), Master Of Design x Montoux (J Ledger), Magnetic Magic (G Egan)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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