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Wangaratta Jump Outs - 6 May 2020


Field: Bell Serenade (C Weeding), French Heiress (G Egan), Miss Niccs (J & C Ledger), Geileis (A Dale)

Field: Capsico (C Weeding), Dubian x Gold (C Davis), Bounty Prince (J & C Ledger), Pay The Deeler (A Dale)

Field: On The Bell (A Fitzgerald), Turn Back Time (G Egan), Dress Code (J & C Ledger), Al Maher x Hussidora (V Nolen)

Field: Allout Stropie (C Weeding), Turffontein x Pangani (J & C Ledger), Redente x Fast Impusle (B Brisbourne), Koalabull (C Davis)

Field: Bia Tinne (J & C Ledger), Whitsunday (C Davis), Hellova Night (A Corboy), Redollix (G Egan)

Field: Husson x Miss Danka (J & C Ledger), Poet's Voice x Sunup (G Egan), Just Harry (V Nolen), Settle The Score (J & C Ledger)

Field: Nostradamus x Star Topaze (J & C Ledger), Stormzone (C Weeding), Faithful Azz (G Egan), O'reg (A Fitzgerald)

Field: Whittington x Tabali (J & C Ledger), Unencumbered x unknown dam (V Nolen), Keep The Faith x Downalatte (A Corboy), High Resolution (C Davis)

Field: Shooting To Win x Yugoslavia (J & C Ledger), God's Own x unknown dam (V Nolen), Euphemia (G Egan), Towzez (A Corboy)

Field: City Rogue (A Fitzgerald), Miss Benefits (G Egan), Kuroshio x Villa Girl (J & C Ledger)

Field: Secret Sheema (B Brisbourne), Spirit Off (J & C Ledger), Redente x Sky Flyte (B Brisbourne), Lucas Cranach x Sister Quest (B Brisbourne)

Field : Sunshine Moshe (G Egan), King Of All Kings (T Grace), Cliffs of Bounty (J & C Ledger)

NOTE: no results are available due to no silk colours being available. Please contact us at if you would like a copy of the Program from Wangaratta Turf Club.


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