Wangaratta Jump Outs - 3 March 2021


Field: Ghost Doctor (James Fraser),Gorokan Express (Ben Brisbourne), Hot Night (Steve Cunningham), Minhaaj (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Quiet Lucky (Wendy Church), Rostropovich (T Dabernig & B Hayes)

Field: Constantinople (IRE) (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Flying Mascot (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Last Hope (Gerald Egan), Parliament (Andrew Dale), Roland Garros (Adrian Corboy), Seel The Deel (Mitch Beer)

Field: Defence Force (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Indiana Rose (Dan McCarthy), O'reg (Allan Fitzgerald), Smart Design (John Ledger), Zayydani (T Dabernig & B Hayes)

Field: Azaly (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Cuffe's Grange (Gerald Egan), Exhibition (Dan McCarthy), Hellova Night (Adrian Corboy), Montia (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Okra (Allan Fitzgerald)

Field: Beans (Craig Weeding), Fair Tina (Geoff Brunsdon), Lingjun Topgun (Andrew Dale), Mimi's Award (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Mr Morley (Gerald Egan), Star Date (John Ledger)

Field: Boat Harbour (Adrian Corboy), Brazen Guy (Andrew Dale), Bring A Dame (David O'Prey), Liberalized (Ben Brisbourne), Procedo (Gerald Egan), Yes Sir (John Ledger)

Field: A Quiet Achiever (Adrian Corboy), Boswell (Vincent Nolen), Bromelia (Craig Weeding), Diss 'N' Dat (Andrew Dale), Fast Pulse (Ben Brisbourne), Headgear (Gerald Egan)

Field: Ali's Choice (Andrew Dale), Dellvak (Vincent Nolen), Helano (Chris Calthorpe), Vintage Year (Mitch Beer)

Field: Chaotic Cranach (Ben Brisbourne), Creedmoor (Craig Weeding), Flemings Hero (Mitch Beer), Hellofadream (Renee Hoysted), Olympic Glory x Bullion Bay (Vincent Nolen), Turffontein x Lady Game (Bryan Maher)

Field: Jungle Ruler x Dubian Gold (Chris Davis), The Wow Signal x Tuition (Vincent Nolen), Lord Lobster (Russell Osborne), Red Cascade (Craig Weeding), Warnation (Bryan Maher)

Field: Wandjina x Kisses (Vincent Nolen), Duporth x Shellac (Craig Weeding), Eamonn's Memory (Andrew Dale), Pretty Panda (Russell Osborne), Speedy Spooks (John Ledger)

Field: Jimmy Creed x Zupaflirt (Chris Davis), Zoustar x Cryptolite (John Ledger), Al Maher x Hussidora (Vincent Nolen), Rose Of Tahlia (Andrew Dale), Schramsberg (T Dabernig & B Hayes)

Field: Venomous Viper (Russell Osborne), Exosphere x Friendly Donna (Vincent Nolen), Jimmy Creed x Tannaset (Chris Davis), The Factor x Dogma (Vincent Nolen)

Field: Poet's Voice x Sister Solie (Dan McCarthy), Helmet x Bolisimo Miss (Dan McCarthy), Bon Hoffa x Strimeni (Dan McCarthy), Xtravagant x Thwayya (Dan McCarthy)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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