Wangaratta Jump Outs - 22 July 2020


Field: Just Stellar (C Davis), Gojazz (S Cunningham), Choice Harvest (C Weeding), Proud Wolf (A Corboy), Jane's Angel (J & C Ledger)

Field: Duke of Castille (S Cunningham), Lady (G Egan), Prince Of Helena (C Weeding), Good Days (C Davis), Heart Zone (V Nolen)

Field: Swift Arrival (C Weeding), Miralie (V Nolen), Encircle (C Weeding), Foxy Azz (G Egan), Frank the Yank (J & C Ledger), Mankell (J & C Ledger)

Field: Valley View (B Brisbourne), Four X (A Corboy), Command Control (V Nolen), Star Date (J & C Ledger)

Field: Galaxy Dancer (D McCarthy), Captain Bridges (A Corboy), The War Horse (A Corboy), Classy Speed (V Nolen), Written Advice (J & C Ledger)

Field: Don't Fight (J & C Ledger), Ferago (J Fraser), Redente x Pink Guinea (A Corboy), Danerich x Sunshine Power (A Corboy), Star Attorney (J & C Ledger)

Field: Ms Niccs (J & C Ledger), The Brightside (D McCarthy), Yubari (C Weeding), Jianzhang (B Brisbourne), Boswell (V Nolen), Wadeema's Girl (J & C Ledger)

Field: Buster Fontein (D McCarthy), Miss Madec (B Brisbourne), Olympic Glory x Bullion Bay (V Nolen), Quiet Sunday (J & C Ledger), Tough Task (J & C Ledger)

Field: King Of The Bounty (J & C Ledger), Ofenbach (D McCarthy), Redneck Princess (B Brisbourne), Night Rocket (V Nolen), Shaft x Always Glowing (J & C Ledger)

Field: Northernero (D McCarthy), Redente x Sunshine Power (A Corboy), Dundeel x Great Anna (A Corboy), Keep The Faith x Sun 'N' Soda (J & C Ledger), Book Of Marvels (J & C Ledger)

Field: Surely Nobel (D McCarthy), War At Sea (B Brisbourne), Kermadec x Brightness (V Nolen), Ultimate Edition (J & C Ledger)

Field: Lunar Hero (D McCarthy), Envenomate (A Corboy), Alpha Male (J & C Ledger), All Too Hard x Solar Strike (J & C Ledger)

Wangaratta - 22 July 2020
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NOTE: There are no results available due to no silk colours being available (as per program provided).



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