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Wangaratta Jump Outs - 19 May 2021


Field: Ashlor (D McCarthy), Play Master (P Smith), Royal Music (R Osborne), Sasayuri (S Cunningham)

Field: Barrymore (L O'Connor), Duke Of Castille (S Cunningham), Lunar Hero (D McCarthy), Roland Garros (A Corboy)

Field: Funding (S Cunningham), Northernero (D McCarthy), Pistol (C Davis), Secret Way (P Smith)

Field: Book Of Marvels (J Ledger), Fromista (A Dale), Kokomo Bliss (D McCarthy), Sneaky Swan (R Osborne), The King's Cross (S Cunningham)

Field: Headgear (G Egan), If You Say So (A Dale), Kore (D McCarthy), Primal Fire (S Nolen)

Field: Bangerang Beauty (S Nolen), Nulla Gold (A Dale), Romary (A Corboy), Sligo Queen (A Corboy)

Field: Grey Whisper (B Brisbourne), Mattash (D McCarthy), Over The World (A Fitzgerald), Sokkies (K Aldous)

Field: Red Arrow x Nuclear Dance (P Smith), Blazing Fire (J Ledger), Denarena (C Weeding), Fastnet Promise (C Davis)

Field: Star Turn x Mercy May (A Corboy), Kuroshio x Nishani Miss (A Fitzgerald), Natural Destiny x Silver Shadow (B Brisbourne), Furdjina (J Ledger), Malabar Jack (A Dale)

Field: Dissident x Celeritas (C Weeding), Jimmy Creed x Tannaset (C Davis), Debatable (P Smith), Leading Wedge (A Dale), Manhattan Bull (J Ledger)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft(5).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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