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Wangaratta Jump Outs - 16 December 2020


Field: Ghost Doctor (James Fraser), Gojazz (Steve Cunningham), Highly Intrusive (Leon & Troy Corstens), Settle Then Lift (Jason Selman), Triple Shot (Vincent Nolen), Valac (T Dabernig & B Hayes)

Field: Classic Fastnet (Andrew Dale), Electric Charlie (John Ledger), Foxy Azz (Gerald Egan), Funding (Steve Cunningham), Petticoat Princess (Peter Smith), Think Music (Jason Selman)

Field: Classic Clancy (Ron Waddell), Allout Stropie (Craig Weeding), Duchess Lily (Jason Selman), Monsoon Reins (Gerald Egan), Rocaroyale (Andrew Dale), Seaflare (Adrian Corboy)

Field: Just Harry (Vincent Nolen), Lacunar (Marcus O'Connor), Luva Deluxe (Tony Meade), Oscars (Ron Waddell), Road To Emmaus (Adrian Corboy), Turn Back Time (Gerald Egan)

Field: All Aglow Again (Greg Kavanagh), Captain Bridges (Adrian Corboy), Damn Wicked Left (Peter Smith), Koperbeau (Vincent Nolen), Love Vassall (Renee Hoysted), Mr Morley (Gerald Egan)

Field: Benefique (Chris Davis), Bounty Prince (John Ledger), Leemoon (Gerald Egan), Mascotvale (Shaun Nolen), Party Faithfull (James Fraser), Swift Dalliance (Peter Smith)

Field: Little Miss Grace (Bryan Maher), Magnusdottir (Wayne Nichols), Night Rocket (Vincent Nolen), Northern Force (Gerald Egan), Rangi Pai (Ben Brisbourne), She's Original (Peter Smith)

Field: Kuroshio x Crossel (Steve Cunningham), Alpha Male (John Ledger), Benfica Star (Peter Smith), Secret Sheema (Ben Brisbourne), Mazel Toff (Shaun Nolen)

Field: Mariah Breeze (John Ledger), Promesa (Dan McCarthy), Swift Alliance x Sweet Talk (Peter Smith), God's Own x Royal Jama (Vincent Nolen), The King's Cross x Abbe Cat (Steve Cunningham)

Field: The King's Cross x Jenzan (Steve Cunningham), Affixa (Peter Smith), Tough Task (John Ledger), The Last Western (Libby Haworth), Combat Man (Ben Brisbourne)

Field: The King's Cross x Shamrock Jazz (Steve Cunningham), Makfi x O'Raghailligh (John Ledger), Pennydahero (Ben Brisbourne), Rose Of Redente (Peter Smith)

Field: Artiste (Chris Davis), Imperial Star (Peter Smith), The King's Cross x Miss Ladoni (Steve Cunningham), Delago Deluxe x She Makes My Day (Chris Davis), Makfi x Disclosure (John Ledger)

Field: Confident Typhoon (Ben Brisbourne), Poppa's Courage (Libby Haworth), Star Turn x Mercy May (Adrian Corboy), Reset x Obscurity (Libby Haworth)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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