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Terang Jump Outs - 7 April 2021


Field: Brat (Maddie Raymond), Nuriya (Jane Baker), Racey Vixen (Aaron Purcell), Red Sanders (Lindsey Smith), Rioyuki (Matthew Williams), Soobmerged (Belinda O'Loughlin), Southfield (Jamie Barry), St Jean x Cosmic Beam (Aaron Purcell), Your Song x Hidden Message (Lindsey Smith), Nicconi x Lady Einstein (Symon Wilde)

Field: Edgy Era (Aaron Purcell), Hi Rockin Princess (Malcolm Sharp), Mehera (Daniel Bowman), Recap (Lindsey Smith), Star Killer (Lindsey Smith), Rock Hero x Jalouse (Aaron Purcell), Rebel Raider x Ambola (Aaron Purcell), Master Of Design x Annie's A Gem (Jamie Barry), Hinchinbrook x So Delicious (Daniel Bowman)

Field: Aeecee Dolce (Lindsey Smith), Cannington (Daniel Bowman), Cotton Eye Joe (Symon Wilde), Do It In Purple (Lindsey Smith), Finneas (Aaron Purcell), Hampton Cove (Matthew Williams), Numpty (Archie Alexander), Queen Zyrah (Symon Wilde), Retrovailles (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Rubrica (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Sidewalk Sinner (Daniel Bowman)

Field: Capriccio (Daniel Bowman), Dinga (Symon Wilde), Heptagon (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Mark Of The Man (Aaron Purcell), Moor Wanted (Peter Chow), Rock Of Kryptonite (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Sovereign Gold (Lindsey Smith), Triple Red (Glenn Thornton), Undoubtedly So (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Vardani (Archie Alexander)

Field: Amusez Moi (Archie Alexander), Arivakova (Archie Alexander), Epic Grey (Lindsey Smith), Fiji (Aaron Purcell), Francine (Aaron Purcell), McKeever (Symon Wilde), One Point Five (Glenn Thornton), Peronne (Symon Wilde), Tydeus (Lindsey Smith), Walk Of Shamus (Jane Baker)

Field: Coronel (Melody Cunningham), Eleanor River (Melody Cunningham), Ginny Ann (Symon Wilde), Great Again (Lindsey Smith), Inn Keeper (Symon Wilde), Kazio (Aaron Purcell), Patch Adams (Aaron Purcell), Printmaker (Symon Wilde), Reykjavik (Lindsey Smith), Terracotta (Lindsey Smith), Winter Pinter (Glenn Thornton)

Field: Adelaide Ace (Lindsey Smith), Corner Pocket (Lindsey Smith), Gateways (Jane Baker), Kissinger (Lindsey Smith), Mighty Ganges (Aaron Purcell), Paul's Regret (Peter Chow), Realeza (Symon Wilde), Straight Back (Doug Whitworth), Strategic Force (Symon Wilde), Stylish Enuff (Aaron Purcell)

Field: Banner Boy (Aaron Purcell), Caliburn (Symon Wilde), Harbour Views (Matthew Williams), Havastar (Symon Wilde), Miss Damita (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Olympic Spirit (Daniel Bowman), Prince Of Eagles (Lindsey Smith), Robbie's Star (Peter Chow), Saintly Rose (Damian Hunter), Savaheat (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Bet Red (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Connery (Archie Alexander), Just Hifalutin (Symon Wilde), Luxitorah (Daniel Bowman), Maliseet (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Roses Lane (Melody Cunningham), Scotch Sun (Doug Whitworth), Tango Gold (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Themagicneverends (Melody Cunningham), Dewhurst (Archie Alexander)

Field: Shalaa x Mamahuhu (Archie Alexander), A Good Yarn (Mervyn McKenzie), Count Zero (Symon Wilde), Frondeur (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Hostar (Peter Chow), Over The Sky (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Raffish (Archie Alexander), Red Lucas (Charlotte Graesser), Rudy Rude (Vincent Malady), Spring Break (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Ammoudi Bay (Symon Wilde), Bella Amore (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Bengal Bandit (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Haky (Archie Alexander), Pres De Toi (Peter Chow), Summer Light (John Slater), Ville Chanson (Marita Lawson), Wanalirri (Pat Ryan Jnr), Young Rascal (Archie Alexander), Zende (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Craftmanship (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Duke Caboom (Archie Alexander), Eyestryke (Matthew Williams), Jacqui (Rachael Gane), Scorpius (Mick Price/Michael Kent Jnr), Vesnina (Ken Elford)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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