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Terang Jump Outs - 26 October 2020


Field: Corner Pocket (Lindsey Smith), Eyestryke (Matthew Williams), Hard 'N' Tough (Symon Wilde), Olympic Spirit (Daniel Bowman), Sir Marengo (Aaron Purcell), Spooning (Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Aeecee Dolce (Lindsey Smith), Aeecee Dolce (Lindsey Smith), Dashing Tycoon (Aaron Purcell), Dreambound (Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr), Regal Riffle (Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr), Sirileo Miss (Symon Wilde), Typhoon Moon (Daniel Bowman)

Field: Barcelona Rock (Daniel Bowman), Mister Dynamix (Quentin Scott), Ocean Beyond (Daniel Bowman), Swift Sure (Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr), Touch Of Paradise (Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Darvin (Matthew Williams), Dondeska (Lindsey Smith), Protect The Jewels (Symon Wilde), Rokara (Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr), Sword Of Freedom (Lindsey Smith)

Field: In The Sun (Jamie Barry), Pristine Image (Symon Wilde), Tavisan (Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr), Turbofan (Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr)

Field: Atomic Storm (Jamie Barry), Clap Chap (Symon Wilde), Cracksman (Lindsey Smith), The Mockingbird (Symon Wilde), Reykjavik (Lindsey Smith)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper Back Straight, with the track rated Soft(5).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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