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Terang Jump Outs - 2 February 2021


Field: Sizzling x Electric Power (P Payne), Belardo x Heat Storm (A Bobbin), Zoustar x Tendue (M Williams), Hard Questions (L Smith), Literary Magnate (M Williams), Luskin Lass (M Williams), Reddy (P Payne), Rose Of Maher (M Williams), Royal Fox (M Williams)

Field: No Nay Never x Danalicious (P Payne), Shooting to Win x Consideration (S Wilde), Aspen Colorado (L Smith), Foxy Tycoon (P Payne), Hrungnir (S Foster), Regal Duke (A Bobbin), Top Arctic (M Young), Dissilia (S Wilde)

Field: Flying Artie x Andromeda (P Payne), All Too Hard x Nakataa (A Alexander), Bobby's Kitten x Aqualuna (M Freedman), Dolannes Melody (L Smith), Karolinka (C Maher), Keeper's Glove (M Ballantine), Lady Adelaide (P Payne), Masako (A Alexander), Quick Return (P Hardacre)

Field: Zupaone x Artistic Glory (K Vella), Brazen Beau x Admiral's Lady (K Vella), Beau Jasper (M Price), Capriccio (D Bowman), Choisir Lane (M Price), Lustre's Last (M Freedman), Ripit Toff (M Cunningham), Tahnee Tradition (P Hardacre), To The Moon Alice (D Bowman)

Field: Fighting Sun x Smart Catch (M Cunningham), American Anthem (C Maher), Beejay's Hero (J Barry), Helcolore (D Bowman), Magic Achiever (P Hardacre), Jo Jo Express (D Bowman), Moral Force (M Freedman), Step Too Far (S Wilde), Tonnarella (S Wilde)

Field: Blood Sweat Tears (C Maher), Bygone Era (P Payne), Caboolture (P Payne), Cracker Belle (K Vella), Fields Of Barley (L Smith), Give Val A Ring (M Freedman), Intense (P Ryan), Miss Gatsby (J Gow-Wyhte), One Small Step (L Smith)

Field: Reliable Man x Consumer (P Payne), Brownie (C Maher), Copu (L Smith), Don't Matter (S Wilde), Queen Ryker (M Freedman), Stigwood (S Wilde), Strategic Force (S Wilde), Thunder Fox (L Smith), Toro Lad (D Loos), Gate Crash (P Payne)

Field: Crowned Monarch (M Freedman), Elderflower (L Smith), Moonlight Maid (M Freedman), Mystery Shot (L Smith), Now And Forever (S Wilde), Paul's Regret (P Chow), Written In History (R Daniel)

Field: Blue Fury (P Payne), Coquille (M Freedman), Reformist (A Alexander), Robbie's Star (P Chow), Sunburnt (M Williams), Trust Rusty (C Maher), Wild About Harry (A Alexander), Zero Doubt (M Williams)

Field: Chatelaine (P Payne), Duke Caboom (A Alexander), Heljami (C Maher), Jimmy's Secret (S Wilde), Naval Warfare (L Smith), No Restriction (A Alexander), Sig Positano (P Payne), The Garden (S Wilde), Zorro's Dream (M Freedman),

Field: Bak Da Man (M Price), Coastable (M Raymond), Fighting Harada (M Price), Home By Midnight (P Payne), Lady Cumberland (D Larsson), Ocean Royale (M Freedman), Regal Effort (M Cumani), You'vebeentrumped (P Payne)

Field: Ablestock (P Payne), Cailloux (M Cumani), Chu Chu Charlie (R Daniel), Eagles Crag (A Alexander), Misool (A Alexander), Mystery Road (L Smith), Smokin' Romans (C Maher & D Eustace), Sweet Lullaby (P Payne)

Field: Milonia (A Alexander), Miss Change (A Alexander), Rapid Achiever (C Maher), Solar Coaster (P Payne), Sometimesnever (S Ferchie), Tullaroan (M Cumani), Widgee Turf (P Payne)

Field: Eckhart (P Payne), Elvison (S Wilde), Heydaze (S Wilde), Laudeylou (C Maher), Peg Leg Ben (J Barry), Scriba (P Payne)

Field: Aquilo (M Cumani), Ethan Rom (C Maher), Fiorente Lass (M Williams), Holburt (M Price), Khoekhoe (M Cumani), Survey Lane (A Hinch)

Field: Lady Fiorente (D Loos), Oresome Brave (J Barry), San Huberto (M Cumani)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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