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Terang Jump Outs - 19 April 2021


Field: Rock Hero x Jalouse (A Purcell), Nicconi x Lady Einstein (S Wilde), Bullzeye Beauty (S Wilde), Hippie Hollow (A Purcell), Outstanding Reward (P Chow), Prophet's Choice (P Chow), Rioyuki (M Williams), True Nobility (P Chow), Trust In A Gale (A Bobbin)

Field: Your Song x Hidden Message (L Smith), Artie's Image (Q Scott), Edgy Era (A Purcell), Mehera (D Bowman), Moshkarr (A Bobbin), Racey Vixen (A Purcell)

Field: Bengal Bandit (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Charlie's Tin (M Williams), Mark Of The Man (A Purcell), Ornamental Lady (D Bowman), Rock Of Kryptonite (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Tavirajay (L Smith), Thunder Point (S Wilde), Tintinwin (L Smith), Winter Pinter (G Thornton)

Field: Atomic Rock (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Cannington (D Bowman), Corner Pocket (L Smith), Fiji (A Purcell), Guidance Above (B Cerchi), Rubrica (M Price), Sacred Palace (L Smith), Shezawitness (M Price), Valley Of Hearts (S Wilde)

Field: Chantrea (L Smith), French War (M Price), Humble Pie (L Smith), Night Guy (M Price), Riding The Wave (L Smith), Sidewalk Sinner (D Bowman), Stylish Enuff (A Purcell)

Field: Francine (A Purcell), Garimpeiro (L Smith), In The Boat (L Smith), Kev's Girl (A Chambers), Mutinous (M Price), Outflank (M Price), Pride Of Jenni (S Wilde), Smoke Bomb (M Price)

Field: Ayahuasca (M Price), Continuance (L Smith), Dashing Tycoon (A Purcell), Get The Choccies (A Hinch), La Vina (L Smith), Mighty Ganges (A Purcell), Orienzel (M Price & M Kent Jnr), The Dec (M Price)

Field: Ashberg (J Baker), Finneas (A Purcell), Flaming Victory (A Hinch), Great Again (L Smith), Midnight Blessing (L Williams), Tydeus (L Smith)

Field: Andrea Mantegna (A Bobbin), Begood Toya Mother (D Bowman), Bull Dust (Q Scott), Douglas Macarthur (S Wilde), Intellective (M Williams), Nuriya (J Baker), Ocean Beyond (D Bowman), Retrovailles (M Price), Straight Back (D Whitworth)

Field: Adelaide Ace (L Smith), Aeecee Dolce (L Smith), Borodin (Q Scott), Hallowed Belle (A Bobbin), Heptagon (M Price), Peronne (S Wilde), Savaheat (M Price), Walk Of Shamus (J Baker), Zende (M Price)

Field: Emperor Selassie (Q Scott), Enosi (M Price), Faithful Diamond (J Bull), Greyt Approach (A Bobbin), Southfield (J Barry), Spring Break (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Too Close The Sun (L Smith), Valentine (V Malady)

Field: Bet Red (M Price), Deadly Earnest (V Malady), Donatien Alphonse (A Bobbin), Eyestryke (M Williams), Hampton Cove (M Williams), Scotch Sun (D Witworth), Tan Check (J Bull), Vee Cece (S Wilde), Vigere (A Bobbin)

Field: A Fighting Fury (A Bobbin), Craftmanship (M Price), Dusk Falls (M Williams), Cotton Eye Joe (S Wilde), Gingerjack (P Graesser), Harbour Rose (J McArthur), Over The Sky (M Price), The Mood I'm In (V Malady), Undoubtedly So (M Price)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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