Tatura Jump Outs - 22 October 2020


Field: Magnus x Bon Vacance (C Cassar), Needs Further x Petite Oiseau (P Payne), Double You Tee (P Payne), Millie On Dollars (T Foster), Possession (P Payne), The Firechief (T Miles)

Field: Bygone Era (P Payne), Coastal Charm (P Payne), Delightful Savings (G Osborne), Marikoriko (B Dunn), Stardust Lover (C Cassar), Wine O'Clock (P Payne)

Field: Command Me Easy (C Cassar), Grey Raptor (T Foster), Honeywine (R Archard), Magnalicious (G Osborne), Smokey Cape (G Osborne), Rock'n'roll Heart (G Osborne)

Field: Needs Further x Hastings Street (C Cassar), Imperial Hilton (P Payne), Kerioth (G Osborne), Naughton (P Payne), Semenuk (P Payne), Vittorina (B Dunn)

Field: All Of Brighton (P Payne), Bastyan (P Payne), Bon Shadow (G Johnstone), Darci's Tune (P Payne), Let's Keep It (G Osborne), Magnicity (M Lawson)

Field: All Americain x Belle Volo (C Cassar), Code Blue (P Payne), Darlene Dream (H White), Defibrillate (P Payne), Madetobebroken (P Payne), Revhead (G Osborne)

Field: Arvinder (N Dyer), Bamaman (G Johnstone), Carlingford (M Sell), Hervor (G Osborne), Red Robin (L Sullivan), Seeress (G Osborne)

Field: Art Heiress (P Payne), Being Dazzled (G Osborne), Coin Drop (P Payne), Iamthekey (S Noble), Max'N'Mat (P Payne)

Field: Audrey's Destiny (L Sullivan), Echo Boomer (P Payne), He No Opilio (P Payne), Japery (P Payne), Latest Bentley (N Dyer), Salty Kisses (G Osborne)

Field: Boho Miss (M Sell), Just On Spec (S Noble), Mountain Ibis (P Payne), My Divas (G Osborne), Shadow Goddess (P Payne)

Field: Harmonies Choice x Azevedo (S Noble), Destiny's Dagger (K Evans), Lovin' Laughs (M Sell), Not Forgotten (R Standen), Swift Maneuver (L Sullivan)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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