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Swan Hill Jump Outs - 26 November 2020


Field: Braekhus (Austy Coffey), Cokum Gift (Austy Coffey), Punter (Austy Coffey), Primus x Grandiva (Austy Coffey), Blak Hart (Austy Coffey)

Field: Eden Eagle (Nathan Hobson), Kamindu (Con Kelly), My Boy Sooty (Nathan Hobson), Was Written (Gwenda Johnstone)

Field: Clay Bird (Austy Coffey), Lunar Kiss (Austy Coffey), Ready for Victory x Tigress Joy (), Bon Hoffa x Hay Pamela (Austy Coffey)

Field: Sacred Tycoon (Donald Hird), Toojay (Nathan Hobson), Sheriff's Way (Nathan Hobson), Vain Tiger (Austy Coffey), Wu Darl (Austy Coffey)

Field: River Tycoon (Daryl McNeil), Bartholdi Boy (Donald Hird), She's A Bond Girl (Gavin Murphy), Brazen Beau x Our Loner (Gwenda Johnstone)

Field: Birchip Turf (Austy Coffey), Mallee Hammer (Heath Chalmers), Speedy Akeedy (Gwenda Johnstone), Total Craft (Austy Coffey), Poppy's Orse (Austy Coffey)

Field: Red Jewels (Gwenda Johnstone), Koyuga Bound (Heath Chalmers), Sports Edition x Musk (Austy Coffey), Street Boss x Hannigan Rules (Austy Coffey), Messignadi (Austy Coffey)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Home Straight, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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