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Stawell Jump Outs - 18 November 2020


Field: IMPERIAL HILTON (P Payne / P Payne), GENERATION GAP (A Mitchell / P Payne), SPRING BOUQUET (T Hope / P Payne), JUNGLE RULER x TOP FLIGHT (C Puls / S Gebert)

Field: ALL OF BRIGHTON (P Payne / Payne), IDIDITFORLOVE (A Mitchell / P Payne), NAUGHTON (T Hope / P Payne), COSMOTRIX (C Puls / S Gebert)

Field: MISS DIVINE EM (P Payne / P Payne), MODEAR (A Mitchell / P Payne), LITTLE MERMAID (T Hope / P Payne), PICNIC MIC (C Puls / S Gebert)

Field: JAPERY (P Payne / P Payne), MOUNTAIN IBIS (A Mitchell / P Payne), EM EM D'AR (T Hope / P Payne), JAMBAZI (N Carter / S Lenehan)

Field: MIGHTY SCOT (P Payne / P Payne), GLASS CEILING (A Mitchell / P Payne), BASTYAN (T Hope / P Payne), FIGHTING SWEET (A Bull / A Bobbin)

Field: SEBRING x NORTHERN GLORY (P Payne / Payne), SLIPINTOTHIS (A Mitchell / P Payne), DEFIBRILLATE (T Hope / P Payne), LUCAS CRANACH x BAD ANGEL (C Puls / D Whitworth)

Field: VILLA VILLEKULLA (P Payne / P Payne), HEY HAPPY (A Mitchell / P Payne), ART HEIRESS (T Hope / P Payne), VIGERE (A Bull / A Bobbin), STRAIGHT BACK (C Puls / D Whitworth)

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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