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Stawell Jump Outs - 12 January 2021


Field: LIBBYANGEL (S Inglese / A Bobbin), ORNAMENTAL LADY (H Coffey / D Bowman), HANGYOURHAT (T Bull / P Preusker), BOW FOR ME (D Bates / P Preusker), Onemore Dance (D Witworth)

Field: KNOCK KNOCK (H McKechnie / P Preusker), EXCUSES EXCUSES (D Bates / P Preusker), TERRITORIES x PREDOMINATE (T Direen / M Freedman), RIVER RHINE (N Carter / S Lenehan), DIVINE PROPHET x KISS ME GOOD BYE (H Coffey / D Bowman)

HEAT 3 - no vision available

Field: WILD RHAPSODY (T Bull / P Preusker), MI ROCK ALY (D Bates / P Preusker), OCEAN ROYALE (T Direen / M Freedman), ELECTRIFYING LADY (H Coffey / D Bowman)

Field: MAGGIE PIE (N Carter / S Lenehan), BRAWL (D Bates / P Preusker), SCREWED DOWN (R Houston / P Presuker), ARDEEO (T Bull / P Preusker), DON'T FORGET DAD (H Coffey / D Bowman)

Field: Savvy Mak (NZ) (P Preusker), RAISE THE COLOURS (D Bates / P Preusker), Briseur De Coeur (M Freedman)

Field: PATRIKA GOLD (T Direen / M Freedman), TILL IT'S OVER (T Bull / P Preusker), THERMEDA (H Coffey / D Smith), HIGH FEROCITY (D Bates / P Preusker)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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