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St Arnaud Jump Outs - 26 October 2020


Field: Unencumbered X Bella Jewel (B Stanley), Rebel Leyla (P Preusker), Nicconi X Callista (L Riordan / B Stanley), Watch Hill (S Inglese / P Preusker), Ripped Toff (J Hill / D Smith), Cosmotrix (N Carter / S Gebert)

Field: Perficere (D Holland / P Preusker), Super Aurora (L Riordan / B Stanley), Laranjo (S Inglese / P Preusker), Fighting Sun X Libertas (J Stanley / B Stanley), Novasofala X Miss Bellagio (N Carter / S Gebert),

Field: Mount Mitty (R Pearson / B Stanley), Boss Coni (J Hill / D Smith), Jane's Angel (D. Holland / A Bobbin), I Am News (L Riordan / B Stanley)

Field: Djina Royale (N Carter / D Whitworth), El Salto (L Riordan / B Stanley), Ritz (D Holland / P Preusker), Riverwood Girl (S Ingelse / P Preusker)

Field: Garbhan (L Riordan / B Stanley), Donndubhan (J Stanley / B Stanley), Straight Back (N Carter / D Whitworth)

Field: Pentire X Martini Lass (D Holland / P Preusker), Aimiliona (L Riordan / B Stanley), Jungle Ruler X Top Flight (N Carter / S Gebert), Lucas Cranach X Bad Angel (R Pearson / D Whitworth)

Field: Here to Shock (R Pearson / B Stanley), Whiskey 'N' Women (S Inglese / J Frew), Halgard (D Holland / P Preusker), Dissident X Akagera (J Stanley / B Stanley), Wave of Success ( ? / S Lenehan), Nev's Choice (H McKechnie / P Preusker)

Field: Coming Around (L. Riordan / B. Stanley), A Little Chunky (S. Inglese / J. Frew), Yulong Crown (D. Holland / P. Preusker), Beyond The Stars (J. Stanley / J. Robinson), Lean Thy Arms (J. Fry / P. Preusker)

Field: Barry the Baptist (J. Fry / P Jones), Agosto (D. Holland / P Preusker), Whitchurch (L. Riordan / J Robinson), Danon Distance (S. Inglese / P Preusker), Wellsford (J Stanley / J Robinson)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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