St Arnaud Jump Outs - 2 June 2021



Field: FIRECAT (J. Martin / M. Freedman), BRAZEN LOVE (M. Pegus / M. Pegus), AKONI (J, Hill / T. & C. McEvoy), DAUNTLESS (L. Meech / T. & C. McEvoy), MISS CHEVIOTS (H. Coffey / A. Coffey), ASFOORA (L. Boyd / H. Dwyer), SALSASET (T. Stockdale / A. Alexander), PELLISOTTI x KILLORELIN BELLE (M. Julius / S. Lenehan)

Field: IMPOSTER ELLE (J. Hill / H. Dwyer), GAIUS (L. Boyd / H. Dwyer), TEEWATERS (T. Stockdale / A. Alexander), SACRED FALLS x SAVADORA (M. Julius / D. Bowman), SPIRITUAL DREAM (P. Koumis / P. Koumis), ADIR STAR (H. Coffey / C. Maher & D. Eustace), KHALIFA MISS (L. Meech / C. Maher & D. Eustace), SECRET HERO (B. Payne / P. Payne Snr)

Field: BOWING (M. Freedman / J. Martin), MONA DREAM (A. Alexander / T. Stockdale), AMURI (T & C. McEvoy / L. Meech), WINNING RED (P. Kearney / J. Hill), TOP CRITIC (H. Dwyer / L. Boyd), POLINA (C Maher & D. Eustace / S. Field), SONORA (C Maher & D. Eustace / H. Coffey)

Field: MAUNARENTE (M Pegus), NABBED (T & C. McEvoy / L. Meech), ZOUHOPE (T & C. McEvoy / J. Hill), FLYING ARTIE x EXECLEINE (A. Alexander / T. Stockdale), SEBRING x FLEETING TOUCH (A. Alexander / J. Martin), MIDNIGHT VAGRANT (H. Dwyer / L. Boyd), STAY IN TOUCH (C. Maher & D. Eustace / S. Field), PELLISOTTI x SHE'S TIMID (C. Maher & D. Eustace / H. Coffey)

Field: ORCHESTRATE (J. Martin / M. Freedman), GOLD LOGIE (M. Pegus / M. Pegus), CLAY BIRD (H. Coffey / A. Coffey), BLUE SMARTIE (T. Stockdale / A. Alexander), RUBILAND (M. Julius / D. Bowman), DESTINY DIAMOND (J. Hill / S. Wilde)

Field: DON'T FORGET DAD (D. Bowman / M. Julius), EXLOVER (H. Dwyer / L. Boyd), PARISIAN DANCER (NZ) (A Alexander), PETITE WITNESS (P. Koumis / P. Koumis), PERSEIDS (M. Freedman / J. Martin), HIGH DELTA (A. Bobbin / H. Coffey), MAGNICITY (M. Lawson / M. Lawrence), SNOWPLOUGH (M. Payne / S. Field)

Field: LUCKY SHAM (M. Freedman / J. Martin), JYOTI (T & C. McEvoy / L. Meech), HEAVENLY BRIDGES (H. Dwyer / L. Boyd), THE PHANTOM BANTAM (A. Coffey / H. Coffey), STAR SPIRIT (A. Alexander / T. Stockdale), NIGHT'S WATCH (A. Bobbin / J. Hill), PARCIFICA (D Smith)

Field: STRIKE EAGLE (T & C. McEvoy / J. Hill), LUNAR PERIGEE (A Alexander), THORNBIRDS (A. Alexander / T. Stockdale), PRINCESS PANCAKES (A. Bobbin / M. Lawrence), MUBTADA (A. Coffey / H. Coffey), REBEL RAIDER x MILWAUKEE FLYER (D. Whitworth / L. Boyd)

Field: HAI SUN (M. Freedman / J. Martin), ATYPICAL (A. Bobbin / J. Hill), SKILLED EXPRESS (M. Pegus / L. Meech), PUNTER (A. Coffey / H. Coffey), LEOLAINE (H. Dwyer / L. Boyd), JAYDEE 'N' WILL (S. Morrish / T. Stockdale), RHEE'S REWARD (D. Bowman / M. Julius)

Field: BATTLE MASTER (M. Freedman / J. Martin), LONGDUAN (P. Ryan / M. Lawrence), ZOUSHINE (T & C. McEvoy / L. Meech), MARK THE HORSE (M. Payne / L. Boyd), TEMPLAR (M. Payne / M. Payne), DASHOFGOLD (R. Linnell / S. Noble), RIVER RHINE (S. Lenehan / M. Julius)

Field: FIGHTER (J. Hill / T. & C. McEvoy), MICHANTE (S. Field / C. Maher & D. Eustace), KRAQUANTE (T. Stockdale / A. Alexander), CULILY ACE (M. Julius / D. Bowman), VISTABELLE (H. Dwyer), MR MISCHIEF (L. Meech / P. Jones)

Field: HELJINSKY (E. Ewert / A. Roustoby), PROM HOST (R. Linnell / S. Noble), TRUST FUNDS (A. Alexander / T. Stockdale), SPIRIT DE LUNE (A. Coffey / H. Coffey), PERPETUAL MOTION (J. Rowe / H. Airs Rowe), DARK VALLEY x MAYABA (S. Lenehan / M. Lawrance)

Field: IRISH PLAYBOY (H. Dwyer / L. Boyd), HEAVEN'S GIFT (T & C. McEvoy / J. Hill), NIGHT'S WATCH (A. Bobbin / H. Coffey), MONDENA (D. Smith / M. Julius), FRANKIE PINOT (T & C. McEvoy / T. Stockdale), PUFNSTUF (E. Ewert / A. Roustoby)

Field: TAVISTOCK DANCER (A. Roustoby / E. Ewert), CHOUXTING THE MOB (L. Boyd / S. Morrish), JUKILA (M. Payne / M. Payne), YULONG RISING (M. Julius / D. Bowman), MURRUMBIDGEE RIVER (H. Coffey / C. Maher & D. Eustace), MAUNAHOST (H Rowe / J. Rowe)

Field: LADY ELEANOR (P. Ryna / M. Lawrence), THISTLER (A. Hinch / A. Roustoby), KING RISING (D. Bowman / M. Julius), CENTRAL BAY (K. Watson / L. Boyd), STORMY DANIELA (B. Crofts / S. Noble)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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