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St Arnaud Jump Outs - 18 August 2020


Field: Stretching (C. Maher & D. Eustace / H. Coffey), Gold Logie (M. Pegus / J. Fry), Uniquely (D. O'Sullivan / W. Price), Sandhill (N. Hobson / M. Lloyd), Monsieur de Lune (M. Freedman / J. Martin), Bullet Train/Prime Choice (H. Burns / S. Payne), Crystal Dynasty (C. Maher & D. Eustace / J. Lorensini), She's Someone (S. Lenehan / N. Farley)

Field: Surecan (C. Maher & D. Eustace / J. Lorensini), Riace (N. Hobson / M. Lloyd), Ninth Avenue (M. Freedman / J. Martin), Warhorse x Thinka (H. Burns / S. Payne), Paparazzi Queen (C. Maher & D. Eustace / H. Coffey), Warriors Reward/Danella (M. Pegus / J. Fry), Alluring Heights (S. Lenehan / N. Farley)

Field: Kumana (N. Hobson / M. Lloyd), Cartel Behaviour (A. Coffey / H. Coffey), Ho Ho Lord (M. Freedman / J. Martin), Squalander (M. Freedman / T. Direen), Cant Take A Trick (A. Alexander / D. Bates), Sir Davy (C. Maher & D. Eustace / W. Price), Seiners Express (C. Maher & D. Eustace / J. Lorensini), Jimmy Creed x Savanna Love (M. Pegus / J. Fry), Dark Valley x Mabaya (S. Lenehan / N. Farley)

Field: Zerette (A. Alexander / D. Bates), Moral Force (M. Freedman / J. Martin), Etoile Brillante (A. Alexander / D. Bates), New Echelon (A. Coffey / H. Coffey), Aureum (C. Maher & D. Eustace / W. Price), Coronel (M. Cunningham / J. Lorensini), Trust But Verify (T Birnie), Meteors Man (C. Kelly / M. Lloyd)

Field: Goodbuy (R. Handyside /S. Payne), Zorros Dream (M. Freedman / J. Martin), Madam Mischief (A. Alexander / N. Farley), Streets of Philly (C. Maher & D. Eustace / H. Coffey), Something Foxy (C. Maher & D. Eustace / J. Lorensini), High Delta (C. Maher & D. Eustace / W. Price), Lucky Spinner (C. Kelly / M. Lloyd),

Field: Yankee Toff (M. Cunningham / N. Farley), Tempers Flare (N. Hobson / M. Lloyd), Wahine Toa (C. Maher & D. Eustace / H. Coffey), Cataracta (C. Maher & D. Eustace / W. Price), Mi Keri Pi (M. Freedman / J. Martin)

Field: Kiwia (A. Alexander / N Farley), Broadwayandfourth (M. Freedman / J. Martin), Affair to Remember (D. O'Sullivan / W. Price), The Presenter (N. Hobson / M. Lloyd), Floridante (S. Lenehan / N. Farley)

Field: Casa Del Sol (A. Alexander / N. Farley), Sheezabigdeel (M. Cumani / T. Atkinson), Forever Girl (A. Alexander / D. Bates), Star Watcher (P. Roche / W. Price), Ethan Rom (C. Maher & D. Eustace / H. Coffey), Dilochta (A, Taylor-Moy / J. Lorensini)

Field: Chaillot (N Farley / A Alexander), Gamay (D Bates / A Alexander), Connery (M Lloyd / A Alexander), Not To Know (J Martin / M Freedman, El Vincitore (W Price / C Maher & D Eustace)

Field: Gallic Chieftain (N Farley / A Alexander), Barade (M Lloyd / A Alexander), Persan (W Price / C Maher & D Eustace), Haky (D Bates / A Alexander)

Field: No Restriction (N Farley / A Alexander), Maxaway (M Lloyd / A Alexander), Reformist (D Bates / A Alexander), Storming Eclipse (W Price / M Cumani)

Field: Turin Warrior (N Farley / A Alexander), Harmony Nation (D Bates / A Alexander), Happy Matador (M Lloyd / A Alexander), Untie The Knot (W Price / M Cumani)

Field: Barry The Baptist (J Fry / P Jones), Skelm (D Bates / T Kelly), Wall Of Fire (N Farley / C Maher & D Eustace), Wil John (H Coffey / C Maher & D Eustace), Sweet Thomas (W Price / Matthew Smith), Moorookyle Lady (M Lloyd / J Rowe), Telemark Raider (J Lorensini / S Morrish)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

Hand-times and vision found at Peter Morganti's website by clicking here.


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