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Seymour Jump Outs - 13 November 2020



Field: All American x Wingz Of An Eagle (T Waddell), Aristo Missile (T Dabernig & D Hayes), At Large (D Dwyer), Dark Rapture (D Bourne), Destiny's Dagger (K Evans), Destiny's Republic (B Goodwin)

Field: Just Jake (H Powell), Keymaster (D Reid), Pariano (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Smart Elissim (T Dabernig & D Hayes), Tavonian (D Reid)

Field: Can Get A Witness (D Dwyer), Gentleman Roy (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Kuroshio x Legcut (L Sullivan), Power Glider (D Bourne), Toireasa (A Diggins), Tudor Cathedrals (T Dabernig & B Hayes)

Field: Beaver Diva (L Sullivan), Dome Light (M Thomas), Gina Lola (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Imperial King (J Thompson), Medelai (C McGillivray), Yulong Captain (T Dabernig & B Hayes)

Field: Americain x Flushed (L Sullivan), Floral Pegasus x Tiroliza (J Thompson), Just Cainme Archie (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Stormus (G Strang), Zoushack (T Dabernig & B Hayes)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the course proper, with the track rated soft 5.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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