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Seymour Jump Outs - 11 December 2020


Field: Beeston Lad (Tony Waddell), Heavenly Emperor (Stephen Brown), In Tha Chute (Barry Goodwin), Medelai (Colin McGillivray), Secret Way (Peter Smith), Twilight Magic (Penny Reeve)

Field: Alpha Sky (Stephen Brown), Damn Wicked Left (Peter Smith), Earthling (Don Dwyer), Johnny Reb (Penny Reeve), Totality (Barry Goodwin)

Field: All American x Wingz Of An Eagle (Tony Waddell), She's Original (Peter Smith), Tabernaci (David Bourne), Rose Of Redente (Peter Smith), Entitled Princess (Barry Goodwin)

Field: Chapel Gal (Darryl Karp), Indibay (Dwayne Reid), Johnny Whitesox (Stephen Brown), Swift Dalliance (Peter Smith)

Field: Kia Hohe (Barry Goodwin), Next Generation (Gordon Strang), Underworld (Chris Nash), Swift Alliance x Sweet Talk (Peter Smith)

Field: Affixa (Peter Smith), I Fought The Law (Annie Goble), Petticoat Princess (Peter Smith), Ruby With Attitude (Peter Sullivan)

Field: Star Witness x Heavens Choice (Linc Sullivan), Mshawish x Smart Catch (Linc Sullivan), Skilled x Red Silk (Dwayne Reid), Benfica X Air She Goes Again (Peter Smith)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Front Straight, with the track rated Soft(5).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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