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Sandown Jump Outs - 14 January 2020


*unable to see the horses in the video's due to smoke, so no results available.

HEAT 1 - 800m | n/a

Field: Big Night Out (J.D.Sadler), Bons Away (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Honey Esprit (C.McDonald), Magnesium Rose (M.Lindsay), Pick Me Up (C.McDonald), Sircconi (N.Ryan), The Statesman (GB) (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Yulong Minister (IRE) (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr)

HEAT 2 - 800m | n/a

Field: Carambola (C.W.Little), Champagne Friday (NZ) (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Diamond Effort (C.McDonald), Irresistable Girl (N.Ryan), Ms Catherine (H.Dwyer), Statement Of Faith (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Talenti (NZ) (R.L.Hickmott), Yulong Patrol (IRE) (C.Maher & D.Eustace)

HEAT 3 - 800m | n/a

Field: Glint (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Journalese (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Our Aisling (NZ) (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Pierro x Indifferent (C.McDonald), Sir Warwick (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Tanker (C.Maher & D.Eustace), The Defiant One (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Wandjina x Apercu (M.Price), Yulong Fighter (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr)

HEAT 4 - 800m | n/a

Field: Barragunda (L.M.Kennewell), Eurozone x unknown dam (C.McDonald), Judicial Authority (NZ) (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Quiz Show (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Rock Of Kryptonite (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Sabre Princess (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Unanimous (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Unassailable (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Yulong Smart (C.Maher & D.Eustace)

HEAT 5 - 800m | n/a

Field: Cafe Rizu (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Dundeel/Tegwin (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Loudspeaker (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Outflank (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Sense Of Honour (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Taylor's Dream (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Ye Hella (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr)

HEAT 6 - 800m | n/a

Field: Bavarian Watts (NZ) (R.L.Hickmott), Frome The Stars (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Global Wolf (L.M.Kennewell), Go Harvies (A.Noblet), Kansino (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Pimppoint (R.L.Hickmott), Proper Rogue (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Zende (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr)

HEAT 7 - 800m | n/a

Field: Battlecruiser (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Dissolvable (L.M.Kennewell), Irish Goodbye (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Light Field (M.Price & M.Kent Jnr), Oxley Jack (C.Scott), Sestillia (C.Maher & D.Eustace), Stratessa (H.Dwyer), Superior Ideology (R.L.Hickmott),

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Open track, with the track rated a Good(4).

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