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Sandown Jump Outs - 12 January 2021



Field: Argentia (A.Freedman), Beaukati (C.McDonald), Brazen Beau x Rocket Commander (C.McDonald), Carry On Camping (John McArdle), Dosh (G.M.Begg), Extreme Warrior (M.Price), Flying Start (L.M.Kennewell), Vermentino (C.Maher)

Field: El Rocko (J.R.McArdle), Flying Evelyn (A.Freedman), Galaxy Ruler (G.M.Begg), Keys To Love (J.R.McArdle), More Than Ready x Tears Of Joy (Jason Warren), Ruby Mockingbird (L.M.Kennewell), Street Boss x Irish Teardrop (C.McDonald)

Field: Bobby's Secret (Jason Warren), Marine One (L.M.Kennewell), Midnight Hussy (C.McDonald), Rubick x Easy Step (S.Nichols), Single Tail (NZ) (John McArdle)

Field: Brazen Beau x Bold Moment (C.McDonald), Don't Doubt Hinchi (John McArdle), Flying Artist (M.Price), Gorgeous Prophet (C.McDonald), Hoiana Shores (NZ) (C.W.Little), Mangani (NZ) (Mick Price), Phone A Friend (G.M.Begg), Rapid Rose (J.P.Salanitri), Sunday Bowler (R.L.Hickmott)Aquapishe (L.M.Kennewell

Field: Aquapishe (L.M.Kennewell), Ashy Boy (M.Laurie), Ferrans Loch (J.R.McArdle), Natural Mystic (M.Price), Our Goddess (C.McDonald), Star Turn x Loves Attention (C.McDonald), Street Boss x Glory's Girl (S.Nichols)

Field: Cranc (C.Maher), Five Bulls (N.W.Ryan), Invincible Bay (L.M.Kennewell), It's Pins (NZ) (Jason Warren), Olivia's Game (Grahame Begg), Toogoodfortoorak (Brett Scott), Vitesse Royale (R.L.Hickmott), Zoumatic (M.Price)

Field: Beautox (C.Maher), Headquarters (M.I.Wells), Orphan's Trust (Jerome Hunter), Potato Pete (R.E.Kingston), Rue Maude (John McArdle), Slam The HammaC.Beasy), Vikander (R.B.Grantley), Vivaliscious (G.M.Begg), Zed x Just One Kiss (Brett Scott)

Field: Curran (L.Tolson), Galactic Fury (C.Maher), Gold Gown (K.L.Southey), Hell Of A Boy (Jerome Hunter), Lady Zoom (C.Beasy), Linas Magic (Grahame Begg), Sunny Snowflake (M.Price), Sunset Aperitivo (Shane Nichols)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Hillside Track, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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