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Sale Jump Outs - 15 October 2020



Field: All Brown (Troy Kilgower), Hard To Kiss (Sharyn Trolove), Resolutions (Jackson Pallot), Snail Feast (Ian Hutchins)

Field: Delightful Choice x uknown dam [Gelding] (Troy Kilgower), Iona Heart (Paul Worthington), Prompt Reply (Jackson Pallot), Tallowberg (Troy Kilgower)

Field: Delivery Man (Rebecca Kelly), Feeling Good (Paul Worthington), Reward For Effort x unknown dam [Gelding] (Sharyn Trolove), Strikeout (Sharyn Trolove)

Field: Johnny Romance (Troy Kilgower), Reward The Misses (Troy Kilgower), Ripplebrook (Sharyn Trolove), Tycoon Felix (Sharyn Trolove)

Field: High Risk (Sharyn Trolove), Make An Effort (Sharyn Trolove), Queen Annabel (Rebecca Kelly), Riohsei (Troy Kilgower)

Field: Eevavessance (Rob Gillahan), Elvaric (Susie Wells), Rokurokubi (Troy Kilgower), Tiny Hussy (Sharyn Trolove)

Field: Finnick (Susie Wells), Timely Reward (Rebecca Kelly), Troubleshot (Paul Worthington), Shotchu (Troy Kilgower)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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