Meeting Preview - Randwick, 3 October 2020


No weather around for the weekend at Randwick. Nearly no rain predicted before, or on the day, Saturday. NE to ENE winds throughout the afternoon will be over 20km/h which could cause some issues. Those winds will be head winds in the home straight, so we will see a few unlucky runs of horses trying to find gaps on the inside. I think it will be advantage to inside barriers who can get cover and find gaps as late as possible, which is an extremely low percentage play. For the most part, on-pace will be suited whilst it’s a NE wind, as it turns to ENE later in the afternoon, we may see runners wider on the track start to run on. My expectation is the track will play very fair throughout the day and it will be race-pace dependant on who wins from where. If you get the race shape right Saturday, you’ll pick a lot of winners.



DISCHARGED looks the obvious leader. I see Louise Day using TESTASHADOW to force DISCHARGED to work a little bit, but he will find the fence. That will open up some gaps behind them for some regular backmarkers to push forward and find a spot. I’m confident that there’s intent shown by BETCHA FLYING with the 53.5kg. KUBRICK and PANCHO try to hold midfield, and CINQUEDEA and MATOWI behind that pair. NEW KING will go back, as will OPACITY. LAURE ME IN definitely has the capacity to be more forward 2UP, but I can’t see J-Mac using him up to get a more forward spot. If there’s one there J-Mac will take it but doubt he will force the issue. Can see this being an Even-Fast run race which will bring everyone into the race. DISCHARGED being rock hard fit will not want any of those with a turn of foot getting an easy run and will want them chasing early. Can see there being a few gaps in the field during the run.


The map horse, if she is more forward, is definitely BETCHA FLYING, gets the absolute perfect run. DISCHARGED will never be disadvantaged running sectionals out front. INTERLOCUTER also maps well. If this is run as expected then PANCHO and KUBRICK also get really good runs and are at an advantage.


TESTASHADOW just isn’t suited up on a likely fast speed. MATOWI finds trouble on the fence and will need a heap of luck, same with NEW KING. I’d say that OPACITY and LAURE ME IN will be chasing a fair way out so being at