Pakenham Jump Outs - 2 September 2020



Field: Almost Reset (C Littlefield), Gummy Bear (T Hughes), Leaf (C DIplock), Lionel (P Stokes), Queen Quirina (J Bridgman), Shintou (C Littlefield), Still Kicking (M Huglin), Scissor Kick x *Unknown* (L Jelliff), Deep Field x Spurcific (C Diplock),

Field: Tycoon Raff (M Huglin), Skydupgal (N Harnett), Rushford (P Kramer), Mirkwood Forest (P Stokes), Final Man (N Harnett), Ameliaranne (N Harnett)

Field: Americain x Bent Chicago (S Stockdale), Anacheeva x ? (C Templeton), Time For War x ? (C Diplock), Olympic Glory x ? (G Cross), Spiritual Dream (P Stokes), Think Winning (S Stockdale)

Field: King Of Prussia x Rising (S Stockdale), Brilliant Speed (P Moody), Canonlydream (D Grass), Saturn Isle (D Grass), Selvedge (S Stockdale), Tan Tat Spirit (P Stokes),

Field: Savannah Cloud (P Stokes), Too Good Too Hard (P Stokes), Romaiya (G Cross), Good Idea (P Stokes), Dashing Poet (C Littlefield), Big Friday (M Huglin), Big Darryl (A Homan)

Field: Koroshio x Fair Look (S Stockdale), Ancestry (P Stokes), Arromax (T Hughes), Highly Discreet (P Stokes), Savabien (M Huglin), Tan Tat Harmony (P Stokes)

Field: Arabian Affairs (C Templeton), Colossal Star (J Bridgman), Jungle Sensation (J Homann), Nick The Barman (P Kramer), Uranium (G Andrews),

Field: Bon Spot (G Cross), Fields Of Aquada (G Andrews), Sheza Sniper (P Stokes), Singleton Park (P Stokes), Stewart of Liberty (C Littlefield), Summer Tycoon (P Moody)

Field: Hiaola (P Moody), Kermy (P Stokes), Making Headway (C Diplock), Mr Jacobs (P Stokes)

NOTE: Heats 1 to 4 were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic. Heats 5 to 9 were conducted on the Main Grass.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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