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Pakenham Jump Outs - 28 May 2020


Since November 2019, THE JUMP OUTS have been collecting all overall jump out times from regular jump out venues across Victoria. This includes track conditions (Good/Soft/Heavy) and different distances. All track conditions are sourced from Racing Victoria Stewards and daily weather forecasts.

Program of horses including JOCKEYS/riders

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Field: Brazen Brando (P Stokes), Escarbar (J Bridgman), Ollivander (D Clover), Pindi Pride (P Kramer), Cilauro (C Diplock)

Field: Sansom (P Stokes), That Girl (P Stokes), Our Crown Jewels (P Moody), Crafty Effort (M Croston)

Field: Kumo Sun (P Stokes), Fan Club (P Stokes), Rising Sphere (P Stokes), Creme De La Bomme (P Stokes), Ocean Blast (M Croston)

Field: Spirit Of Giving (G Andrews), Wild Hussey (G Andrews), Bin Bam Boom (P Moody), Victory Royale (P Moody), Madlenka (D Clover), Sweet Elvira (P Stokes), Pips 'n' Crowns (C Littlefield)

Field: Savannah Cloud (P Stokes), Royal Gun Salute (P Stokes), Grimesy (D Clover), Fiorente x Offshore Sham (C Littlefield), Kichierro (P Stokes), Our Marli Jay (S Stockdale), Master Of Design x Northern Aspect (C Littlefield)

Field: Succotash (P Moody), Turquoise Hope (P Stokes), Ain't She Cute (C Littlefield), Real Reason (P Stokes), Nostradamus x Bergerac Rose (C Littlefield), Darra Linen (P Kramer), Watch List (P Stokes)

Field: Sebeat (C Littlefield), Locko (P Kramer), Denero (M Huglin), Crooked Hillary (C Diplock), Floral Fever (L Shand)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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