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Pakenham Jump Outs - 19 August 2020


Field: Mr Quickie (P Stokes), Good Idea (P Stokes), Royal Volley (C Littlefield), Platinum Invador (P Moody)

Field: Whipcracker Way (P Stokes), Fabulanski (P Stokes), Discanny (P Stokes), Waka Waka (P Moody)

Field: Making Headway (C Diplock), Medician Miss (P Stokes), Pierella (P Stokes), Colossal Star (J Bridgman)

Field: Tan Tat Harmony (P Stokes), Savannah Cloud (P Stokes), Bon Spot (G Cross), Big Friday (M Huglin)

Field: Think Ready (S Stockdale), Plucky Pirouette (C Jennings), Gummy Bear (T Hughes), Rosaz (T Hughes)

Field: Alarm (C Hutchinson), Little Richie Turf (D Clover), Nick The Barman (P Kramer), Rumbleinthejungle (E Tucker), Stewart Of Liberty (C Littlefield), Wild Flame (C Littlefield)

Field: Billy Be (S Reeve), Kermy (P Stokes), Mr Joobs (P Stokes), Arabian Affairs (C Templeton), Zahra Miss (E Tucker)

Field: Designed To Run (C Littlefield), Ntombazi (T Hughes), Fitspo (C Diplock), Summer Tycoon (P Moody)

Field: Tycoon Raff (M Huglin), Deep Field x Spurcific (C Diplock), Hialoa (P Moody), Cubana (P Moody)

Field: Fields Of Aquada (G Andrews), Uranium (G Andrews), Rebel Raider x unknown dam (C Templeton), Mr Pierre (M Croston)

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NOTE: Heats 1 to 5 were conducted on the Course Proper. Heats 7 to 10 were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated synthetic. Unfortunately, vision of Heat 6 is unavailable.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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