Pakenham Jump Outs - 17 November 2021



Field: Golden Fourth (M.Laurie), Tictoc Tictoc (A.Freedman), Purrfect Scent (K.Harris), Handful (D.B.Feek), Hallowed Ruby (C.Douglas)

Field: Art Major (D.B.Feek), Allyrock (Amy Johnston), Ivanamarie (Logan Mcgill), By Jiminy (NZ) (Tony Noonan), Torbonair (C.Douglas)

Field: Riddle Me That (M.Laurie), Twist Of Fury (D.R.Brideoake), Fengarada (D.R.Brideoake), Mrs Sippy (Jason Warren), Alexander Hamilton (NZ) (R.A.Frost), Fortune Follows (P.L.M.Caboche), Top Arctic (L.J.Mcgill)

Field: Mikki Isle (JPN) X Vitesse Dane (R.Harrison), Arlo Magic (David Brideoake), Jet De Lune (M.Laurie), Shiny Angel (C.Beasy), Tricology (NZ) (P.G.Moody), Billiethefillie (S.W.Stockdale), Gotta Pulse (S.W.Stockdale), Vitesse Breeze (D.B.Feek),

Field: Victory Bay (NZ) (P.G.Moody), Madam Cha Cha (M.Laurie), Lady Hampton (Jason Warren), Prince Of Porty (D.R.Brideoake), Capino (S.W.Stockdale), Out Of The Cage (D.B.Feek), Lady Pangle (J.Hunter), Rumbleinthejungle (E.Tucker), Kiawah (NZ) (R.A.Frost)

Field: Zipping Boy (Jerome Hunter), Bianconi Magic (Jerome Hunter), Florescent Star (A.Yargi), La Caresse (M.Laurie), Sayumi (M.Laurie), Wild Cherry Road (Jason Warren), Billieo (M.Stephenson), Xingyun (D.B.Feek)

Field: Orphan's Trust (Jerome Hunter), Fudging (Jerome Hunter), Martini Special (Jerome Hunter), Comte (NZ) (Amy Johnston), Sequalus (D.B.Feek), Award Winner (A.Freedman), Hillcrest Moses (M.Laurie)

Field: All Frosted (J.R.Mcardle), Impending Diamond (John Mcardle), So You Think (NZ) x Nothin' On Me (NZ) (J.R.Mcardle), Diamond Model (P.J.Stokes), Born Hustler (Jason Warren), Tempestarii (Tony Noonan), Rockefeller Rain (Tony Noonan)

Field: Merchant Navy x Villa Carlotta (J.R.Mcardle), Zigga Zagga (John Mcardle), Vegas Diva (John Mcardle), Queen Of Fire (P.J.Stokes), Zasceed (Jason Warren), Shalaa (IRE) x Hamsa (USA) (C.Beasy), Tavino Bay (Tony Noonan)

Field: Loudun (Anthony Freedman), Principal Belle (D.R.Brideoake), French Enuff (M.Laurie), No Entitlement (Shane Nichols), Aminikii (Jason Warren), Figo The Great (Jason Warren), Fourmak (P.G.Moody)

Field: Bellawish (M.Laurie), Stormy Mistress (Shane Nichols), Royal Encounter (Jason Warren), Lovely Natalie (Jason Warren), Toronado (IRE) x Magnus Slipper (C.Beasy), Foxicon (P.G.Moody), Bo Delight (D.R.Brideoake), Fast As You Can (D.B.Feek), Philadelphia Free (Tony Noonan)

Field: Merry Old Soul (NZ) (P.G.Moody), Bobby's Secret (Jason Warren), Miss Piper (Jason Warren), Divine Wit (D.B.Feek), Sabaid (R.Harrison), I Am Vinnie (D.B.Feek), Isabella Smiles (M.Stephenson)

Field: Tycoon Dancer (K.Harris), Pierro x Whistle Baby (M.Laurie), Shalaa (IRE) x Our Daisy (M.Laurie), Sunzou (Shane Nichols), Hagler (P.G.Moody), He's Handsome (Peter G Moody)

Field: Belle Heart (S.Nichols), Redoute's Choice x Condesaar (M.Laurie), Fame (P.G.Moody), Mambo Dancer (P.G.Moody), Dazzling Lucy (Tony Noonan)

Field: La Danseuse Rouge (C.Brown), Anahita (M.Laurie), Truly Brazen (P.G.Moody), Waltz On By (P.G.Moody), Zoughandi (P.G.Moody), Starcraft (NZ) x Vignor (K.Harris)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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