Pakenham Jump Outs - 16 September 2020



Field: All Too Huiying (P Stokes), Glenfiddich (P Moody), Mr Quickie (P Stokes), Simply Invincible (P Moody), Take Stock (T Hughes), Tan Tat Spirit (P Stokes), The Moors (P Haythorpe)

Field: Dashing Poet (C Littlefield), Gundown (C Littlefield), Highly Discreet (P Stokes), Rushford (P Kramer), Springrolls (T Hughes), Saving (T Hughes), Still Kicking (M Huglin)

Field: Distant Lover (P Moody), Leaf (C Diplock), Quarterback Zac (C Littlefield), Savabien (M Huglin), Shintou (C Littlefield), Vibrant Gilder (P Stokes)

Field: A Waler (J Bridgman), Fast Summer Rock (P Moody), Honour Pendragon (T Hughes), Jungle Sensation (J Homann), Singleton Park (P Stokes), The Spaniard (P Moody), Unique Bambino (F Stockdale)

Field: Big Darryl (J Homann), Escarbar (J Bridgman), Kurgan (M Huddart), Miss Conspicious (M Huglin), The Suite Man (R Clarke), Too Good Too Hard (P Stokes)

Field: Bon Spot (P Stokes), Cunnamulla (P Moody), Locko (P Kramer), Mariamia (S Stockdale), Mirkwood Forest (P Stokes), Seafield Road (N Harnett), Ziavera (P Stokes)

Field: Bold Magic (C Littlefield), Castrofrancaru (S Stockdale), Fan Club (P Stokes), Mischievous Lad (G Andrews), Princess Mariah (S Stockdale), Missallure (P Stokes), Spiritual Dream (P Stokes)

Field: Facemask (P Moody), Lionel (P Stokes), Romaiya (G Cross), Rye Dee Oh (L Shand), Selvedge (S Stockdale), Silverback (R Cunningham)

Field: Vancouver x Midnight Song (C Jennings), Hampton Court x Dragon Smile (T Hughes), Bird Of Dubai (P Stokes), Burton Street (A Garraway), Gummy Bear (T Hughes), Our Shinko (P Stokes)

NOTE: Heats 1 to 5 were conducted on the Course Proper. Heats 6 to 9 were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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